Friday, March 25, 2011

My New Goal: House Giraffe

Some of you might not know, but there's this sport called basketball. And this is a time of the year called "March Madness". I found this out yesterday when my husband came home, turned on the TV, and starting yelling at the tiny people running around.

When I went into the living room to inform him that the tiny people couldn't hear him, and the game wasn't live anyway, so he's trying to yell through time and space, I saw this commercial instead.

There are many amusing things about this commercial--dogs playing poker in the background, the obligatory Swedish models, Twilight is the movie playing in the background--but I would like to focus your attention on the House Giraffe.

Isn't he just adorable? I saw another commercial that had him running on a little treadmill. Since I already have a house buffalo, I thought maybe a new addition to the family would be in order. My husband and I talked about it last night, and we've decided to go ahead and get one.

I am so excited! They are just so cute, don't you think?

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Happy Friday everyone! I am off to go pick up a mini-treadmill for our House Giraffe.


  1. So I totally want one of those too. Do they use tiny toilets or do they need a tiny yard? Hehe!


  2. Tara: I plan to litter box train Jefferey, just like I trained my house buffalo Sam.

  3. But do you have a good skylight that can open for your pet giraffe? It's really the only thing that keeps them happy. That, and sniffing out carrots from wherever you keep them. Be warned.