Monday, February 13, 2012

Eggplant Plans

This is me, yesterday, tired, sore, and huge.
So today I am due to have my baby.

Apparently, he's decided that he's got a good thing going because I am still pregnant. I am very thankful I don't have the gestation time of a Frilled Shark, but I'm also ready to have the baby now. But that's okay he's appears to be late. I have eggplant plans.

There's a restaurant north of Atlanta that has a reputation, you see. Local legend says that pregnant women who eat their eggplant Parmigiana going into labor within two days. As a matter of fact, they have a wall of over three hundred baby pictures who were born after their mothers ate their eggplant Parmigiana. Women send in pictures and testimonials.

You could say if you wanted to spoil my fun that the women just think the eggplant had something to do with it because of the legend. They went into labor afterwards, and figured the eggplant was the cause when nature was just taking it's course. But it's not just women who are late, and therefore expecting to go into labor any minute (or second) now. Women have gone into labor a week early. Also, if you eat there on or after your due date and haven't gone into labor within two days, they comp your meal for you. 

So I figure what the heck. I like eggplant Parmigiana. Let's test out the magical properties. We're planning to go on Wednesday if the baby hasn't shown up yet. I know that he's not really late-late if he hasn't arrived yet, so I wanted to give him some time.

Thursday I have a doctor's visit scheduled where they will ultrasound me to make sure that everything is still kosher for the baby. Hopefully I will be in labor by then, but it's good to have a back up plan.

So as far as plans this week, I'm having a baby. How about you?


  1. Good luck! Crazy world it is eh, that an egg plant can't start things going?

  2. Well, I hope everything goes well. Let us know if that eggplant dish works. That's a neat marketing tool.

  3. Awe, your belly is so cute though. :) Good luck and hope the little guy comes soon. I've also heard that rootbeer floats, walking with one foot on the curb and one in the street, and riding a motorcylce down the railroad tracks works.

    that last one sounds absolutely horrible!

  4. Egg plant? Why not. Besides, it's a lovely color.

  5. Freya: thanks! I know, it's sort of a weird attempt, but hey. If it works, it works.

    Miranda: Thanks! I will keep you guys posted.

    Charity: awww, thanks. I feel huge. I can definitely get on board with the rootbeer float.

    Rena: Yes, I've always admired that shade of purple...:D

  6. "Thursday I have a doctor's visit scheduled where they will ultrasound me to make sure that everything is still kosher for the baby." - I didn't know your baby was Jewish! ;-)

    Perhaps they put castor oil in the eggplant parmigiana of pregnant women. That is said to spur things along, too. ;-)

    When my son was late, and they did that ultrasound (which is kind of like an Apgar score done in-utero), we had to wait 45 minutes for movement. (They need fetal movement to check how the heart rate changes.) The fetus that never stopped was sleeping in. I was clueless. But that evening, I was also in labor.

    But I was so clueless, I didn't realize I was in labor for hours. Just thought it was the new symptom of the day. Retrospectively, I felt so DUMB.

  7. Oh, as for your question regarding plans this week. Yes. I plan to have a week. :-)

  8. Oh hey, I know you just gave me one, but I gave you an award over at my blog (I hope you are having a kid as I write this so you can welcome your little boy to the world).