Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is the post where I explain that I have no idea what my posting schedule is going to be like for the next couple of days. I go to the hospital tonight where they'll prep me to be induced, and then at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning they wake me up to start the pitocin drip.

Then it's Labor City until the baby comes out. Then I will probably pass out from exhaustion. I will update the blog when I can, just to let you guys know how things went and to show off my new bundle of joy, but I am not exactly sure when that's going to happen. We have WiFi at the hospital, and someone is bringing a laptop, but yeah. No idea.

Right now I am tired from sleeping fitfully last night, and my brain is going a mile a minute. It feels like I found out I was pregnant yesterday. It also feels like it's taken forever. I've got my bag packed, and have double checked the contents twice as though I am going to Siberia and not ten miles away from my house. 

I am not so good with waiting. When it's a long ways off, I can just sort of forget about it and concentrate on the here and now. When something gets closer, however, I start to get jittery. Especially since this is the first baby and I have no idea what to expect, I just know that my life is going to change forever, the waiting is extra hard. I am finding things to occupy myself, but nothing is really getting done. It feels like I just woke up, but it's also the afternoon, and I know it's going to be time to leave before I know it. 

I think it's really important to live your life, rather than sitting and wishing things would happen already. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's easy to just wish your life away. There's a part in the movie Click that frightens me. Adam Sandler's character is sick and impatient to get a promotion, so he fast forwards until he gets the promotion.

But it turns out it took him a year to get there, and in the meantime he missed the death of his dog and he and his wife are in counseling. A whole year, just gone.

So I am going to be patiently waiting, enjoying the last day of being pregnant with my son, and embracing the moment.

I hope you guys have a great couple of days while I am off giving birth. I expect you to keep it down to a dull roar and not throw too many keggers while I am gone.  


  1. Can you imagine being one of those women who finds out she is pregnant when she is in labor and/or delivers her baby? "I just found out I was pregnant" for real then!

    It's a lot of hurry-up-and-wait. Once you have all the prep work done, you feel like, "Well? I'm waiting!" (Impatient toe-tapping.)

    Happy Labor Day.

  2. Yay! Come back when you can and give us a play-by-play.

    My grandson is 5 weeks old and my daughter says all she thinks about is finding time to eat, sleep, and poop.

    Best Wishes!

  3. *hugs* Take your time and enjoy this little guy when he gets here. We aren't going anywhere. ;)

  4. In case anyone here reads the comments - she had her baby, a very cute 20.5", 7.6 lb healthy boy.