Monday, February 6, 2012

1 Week and Counting

So I have exactly one week until my baby is due to grace us with his presence. I'd like to think I am staying calm and collected, but it's really hard not to wonder whenever my body does something weird whether or not I am going into labor.

"I woke up with an upset stomach."

*Googles "nausea as a sign of labor"*

"Holy crap, that's a symptom! But I'm not having any contractions or anything else. I guess I'll wait and see."

(It turns out it is in fact, not labor.)

"Wow, I am feeling really crampy and sort of like crap. I wonder if that's back labor."

(It turns out it is in fact, not back labor.)

"The baby hasn't stopped moving or kicking. My goodness, he's having a party in there. I wonder if that's a sign of labor."

(It turns out it is in fact, not a sign of labor at all.)

And don't think the crazy is just me. 

My husband called me on his break. I was in the bathroom, where I seem to spend half my day, so I didn't pick up. He then calls our friend/neighbor and asks her to check on me if he doesn't reach me on his next break, in case I had fallen or something. 

My mom calls me every other day. I should start answering the phone "Still not in labor."

In the mean time I am making a plan of attack for revisions and working on the novels I am critiquing.

So what's up with you guys? How are your projects going? I have to go Google more signs of labor...


  1. Oh you poor thing, I remember the waiting at the end. You'll be pretty certain when it starts, so don't worry there.

    as for projects here in crazy science land, well, I got a notebook to write my notes in. Does that count as progress?

  2. ooooo not long. Good luck!

  3. Ah well. After labor, birth, and coming home, you'll use Google for other info.

    Like 'what does that mean when babies make THAT sound'.
    Or 'poop. What color should it be'.
    And, 'hemorrhoids. Care and concern'.

  4. And, of course, just because he is due next week, doesn't mean he will decide to come out then. Many a munchkin stays in the cozy house extra time. I know my son did.

    BTW, babies usually are less active with labor. And early labor, for me, felt like cramps. Very ho-hum. I remember saying to my dh that I wished I could take midol, that it would take care of those cramps. It didn't occur to me that that was Labor. Contractions are supposed to be a big C word, scary, but this was an oh-so-familiar feeling. Sheesh. I really felt dumb realizing, after the fact, that I had been in labor.

    I'm getting close to the end of editing my sf novel. Hopefully it will live up to my expectations. :-)

  5. Rena: Yes, buying a notebook absolutely counts!

    Freya: Thanks!

    Huntress: LMAO I didn't think about that, but you're right. "When will my baby SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT?"

    Linda: Yes, I am also preparing for the idea he might be late. There's a restaurant around here that has a reputation for inducing overdue babies with an eggplant Parmesan dish, so I plan to try that out if need be.

    Good luck with editing!

  6. Eggplant parmesan for induction? Beats pitocin, I'm sure!