Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Website

It's been a long time coming, guys, but I finally have the bare bones of my website up.

I'm not going to stop posting here until I've got it more fleshed out, and for a while I will cross-post to make sure you see the updates. I've got some really exciting interviews lined up, some wonderful news, and book reviews galore. There is so much awesome to come I can hardly stand it. Currently I'm working on getting the email sign up stuff taken care of, but it's been a little more annoying than I suspected. I think I have it all in place, so if you want to sign up for updates and freebies, it's there.

Here's the link:

Bookmark the page, sign up for the email list, do whatever you'd like to stay in touch. The biggest reason why it took me so long to switch was I didn't want to loose you guys, but I need to be able to do things with my website that Blogger won't do. So it's time for a change, but I will still be here, posting and letting you know about all the wonderful stuff to come. 


  1. Done and done! I love the site!

  2. Having your own website is a step in the right direction! You can share stuff with your readers, and alert them of important news or upcoming events. I hope you could develop it even more, and add more content as time goes on. You could also check if it looks fine on mobile devices, as more and more people are using that platform to access the web. A website that's not displaying properly on mobile devices can turn off potential audience. Good luck!

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