Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lookit the Links!

For today I shall bring you links.

First one: Terribleminds. I really love Chuck Wendig's blog. A word of caution: he does use, erm, strong language. But it's never really...ummm...gratuitous. This man can make a swear into an adjective, and make you laugh in the process. He also has some fabulous writing advice. So check it out, but don't blame me for finding his irreverent humor funny. 

Janice Hardy posts a link on *her* blog about mistakes writers make. So I am posting a post that posts a link. Let's pray that I didn't create a hole in the time space continuum. Or that if I did, we get to see how cool the future will be (with us all published, naturally). 

Nathan Bransford poses an interesting question: How Much Do You Share About Your Idea?
Me personally, I tend to talk about the vague glimmering idea over with a few friends and tease the idea out of hiding. If the story has spoilers or major secrets to be revealed though, I usually keep mum so the beta readers can be surprised (hopefully). I am a little suspicious of telling the entire world every detail about my book, because I think it can kill the interest in a book, and because well...sometimes no one cares. Not in a mean way, but if every writer blogged about their books in great detail I think our eyes would just glaze over. We have no context for the book most of the time, so it's hard to care.

Joe Selby suffers from a common dilemma most of us do who are well informed, but unpublished, namely when aspiring writers receive the wrong information. 

And for something completely random! Go ahead, be brave! Click the link! I dare you!


  1. I do so adore I spend WAY too much free time there. Well, it's not even free time. It's time I should've spent reading, writing, cleaning. It's more distracting than Facebook!

    I tend to share my setup with my fiance, sometimes the details into the story. But I always leave out endings and pertinent details. He's my first beta reader, so his opinion in the most important. I have to preserve most of the plot to get a genuine reaction. But after he reads the rough draft, we hack at it together.


  2. I've only just discovered and I have spent way more time there than I want to admit! Ah well. There are worse vices!

  3. TLH: Me too. Me too. It's a site I check every day now, and it's funny how much stuff I've "learned".

    I like that you share with your fiance! That's so sweet! I share some details with my husband but usually not everything.

    Jennifer: Yes, welcome to your new addiction. At least it's funny.