Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Mom is on Facebook and This Scares Me

I'm not going to lie. It's still weird for me to think about my mom and extended family members being on Facebook. I technically have a Facebook account, but since all of my relatives are connected to that account as well, I don't use it for writing. 

It's not that I think my family is going to embarrass me (I *know* they will). I feel like there should be some separation between my writer self and the rest of my private life. But I think that's getting harder and harder to maintain in this connected age where your email account connects to all of your social media and everyone can see where you are all the time.

I am exaggerating, but only by a little. 

It's not that I expect all of you to think I don't have an extended family, but well, I feel like there's a certain level of professionalism to maintain. As laid back as I try to keep my blog, because I want other people to feel like they can approach me (approach me for what, I still don't know. Chocolate?), I still think there's a certain amount of my personal life that needs to be kept separate from my social media.

I am the same way at my day job. I work at a spa, and while I am glad my mom likes to go there to get her nails done, I still feel a little weird that my mom is frequenting my place of work (this isn't a real problem, considering that we don't usually see each other when she goes up there because her appointments don't often mesh with my schedule). 

I think there should be *some* overlap. I did a Saint Patrick's Day post two years ago because I thought it would be funny for you guys to see how my crazy family celebrates it. But I also don't think my blog is the place for me to plaster every single family photo I have, and I think common wisdom agrees with me.

So there's that line of being personal, but not too personal. That line is at a different place for everyone. I prefer to be more personal with you guys because I want you to know who I am. I am not just a quacking voice here to dispense dubious writing advice. I am a person, and I think it would be mostly boring if I just talked about writing, all the time. 

On the other hand, it would be boring if I did nothing but talk about my personal life all the time too. Again, it's a very careful balance, one that I am striving to maintain. 

I think social media will work itself out. I can use Facebook for family and Twitter for writing. It's just a matter of paying attention to your personal comfort level and sticking to it.

Besides, we all know that Twitter is better Facebook. 


  1. My mom is also on FB - but rarely. And it really is kind of funny how she uses it. She signs her posts or comments, as if she were writing an email.

    However, I don't think there is a problem with that. If you want to post something regarding writing, and don't want family involved, you can lock them out of that particular post.

    That said, I use FB more as play than anything. Well, that and I get a lot of interesting links and discussions with certain friends. And occasionally, I have good help with writerly things. Oh, and by having a wide range of people on my "friends" list (I've moved, and have different circles of friends, many with very different world-views than me), it gives me greater insight into what they are thinking, a different perspective on the world. As a writer, I think that is really important.

  2. That's why Facebook invented fan pages! Seriously, my private account is private. I'm only friends with people I know/like. Anyone that wants to Like my fan page (*ahem* *ahem*) is more than welcome to do so. Even my mom.

    Well, almost anyone...