Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Are You?

Suddenly The Who is stuck in my head...

Anyway, I don't mean in an existential sense of the word. That could take days to properly talk about and I doubt any of you want to hear my ramblings on the nature of life, the universe, and everything.

I mean your blog. What sort of blog do you want to have? I've given this a lot of thought. 

Because I really enjoy blogging, but sometimes I feel like I am spinning my blog wheels. So many different things to talk about! Who I am to talk about writing all the time? I still have a lot of stuff to figure out. I like to present things I've figured out, and ideas I have, but I am by no means an expert (that would be Janice Hardy).

I analyzed why I follow the blogs I do. Some of them are out of my norm, like Tawna Fenske. She writes romantic comedy, and dang, every one of her posts is funny. I will be buying her book as soon as it comes out.

I read the Rejectionist and Chuck Wendig because they are funny and empowering at the same time. I read Liz's blog and Rena's blog because they are honest and real and helpful. Joe's blog is interesting because it's like a slice of his life. He posts about writing, and life, and movies, and all kinds of other stuff. Mia's blog, in addition to being helpful and mentioning zombies a ton, has pretty pretty pictures.

In short, yes most of these blogs are writing related, but they do more than that. I am entertained. Touched. I get an experience out of reading their blogs. 

This is something important to take away, something to ask yourself. What are you trying to say with your book (zombies are totes amazing), but also, what are you trying to say with your blog? Do you want to relate the minute by minute experience of a writer? Do you want to make people laugh? Do you want to provide a place where you can talk about the secrets of writing you've crowbared out of your manuscript? 

You should be yourself, of course. Don't try to write humor if it's not your style. Find not just your writing voice, but your blogging voice as well. Blogging should feel more relaxed than novel writing (I think so at least), but think about your blog as an extension as your writing.

Now is a good time to pimp your own blogs in the comments section. Comment away and tell us what you think your blog does for your readers. 

The person with the blog that will "give us all the secrets to immortal life via chocolate" gets extra brownie points.

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