Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions (with Zombies!)

I know there are a million people posting their New Years Resolutions, but you should read mine because there are zombies involved. And then you should post your goals in the comments section! It could be like a little party of resolve!

Also, there's something about stating your goals in public for everyone to see. Guilt and shame are great motivators, let me tell you.

So here are my resolutions for 2012:

1. Finish my book and query agents
The whole she-bang. Finish the first draft, edit it into awesomeness, and then pester query agents for representation. Last year was sort of a growing year for me. I wrote two books, but I also broke what I wrote too. But you know, that's okay. I firmly believe that trying, failing, and trying again is an important part of this process. Both books I wrote, not to mention the complete rewrite, taught me a lot.

2. Start a new book
While I am waiting on queries, crits, and other assorted writing things, I want to get another book written.

3. Stretch more
Everyone has some variation of this on list, I am sure, but I prefer to be more specific. "Exercise more" never works out for me, so I am going with stretching. I like the activities you do while stretching (Pilates and Yoga, get your mind out of the gutter), so that's what I am going with.

4. Get my website together
Before I start querying, I'd like to have some semblance of a website up. Mostly I keep forgetting about it, but this year I will make sure it gets going. 

5. Fix up the blog
I don't really have any ideas yet, but it's been almost two years and it seems like it's time for a change. Anyone have any suggestions?

I was going to put something baby related on the resolution list, but I figured that would be cheating since I am already there. 

Without further ado, here's your zombies!

And while you're listening to the song, pop down in the comments section and tell me what your resolutions are.


  1. My resolutions are pretty much the standard set, finish book, query agents, take over the world; you know, the norm.

  2. Rena: Right, exactly. I didn't add take over the world to my list because I didn't want to alert the authorities to my plans. :D

  3. Great goals! And the baby stuff will just kind of happen regardless from here on out. ;)

    My goal is to enjoy writing again. I'd like to finish the two stories I've got going, revise Sendek one more time (yeah I know I should let it die, but I can't), and maybe sell some flash fiction.

    And lose 30 pounds. I'll try stretching, running, calorie counting, anything it takes. I'm tired of feeling 'frumpy'.

  4. Charity: Yes, I figured the baby would make his OWN goals, so I didn't bother making any.

    That's a GREAT goal! Good luck with your revisions!

  5. Stretching is a good goal. I need to do more, too, but do at least some. (I think I wouldn't be able to move otherwise some days!)

    The whole querying thing is the hardest part, I think. At least for me it is. Dang, but I hate that part.

    I'm also now working on editing #2. A bit of progress every day, some days more than others, and I think that should be good. Once I am done with that, I can focus on something else. It will be hard to get back into writing mode (which really is so very different from editing/revising mode), but I can do it, I'm sure. As can you.

    If you can't, though, you will have a built in excuse - baby sleep deprivation.

  6. My goals are broadly similar - finish book, edit, submit etc - but before I get into submitting, I'd like to publish some short stories on Kindle. I've had some of them published in a small press mag, but my wife and other family members say they could do with more exposure. Quite daunted by the whole procedure, but maybe if I get some good reviews that will impress the agents - or it could make no difference! It should be a nice thing to do, though. Good luck with the baby, zombies and everything else!

  7. Linda: Yes, querying frightens the bejeesus out of me. It's the lack of control, for me. The waiting. The nail biting. More waiting. More nail biting. Wondering if they are laughing at you. Wondering if your query got lost in the mail.

    My heart goes out to you!

    Nick: Ohhhh, I think that's a good idea! And when you do have them up on Kindle, let me know. I DID just get one for Christmas after all and it's sadly empty. IMO, if you get great reviews, that would help, but so long as they are edited and stuff I don't see how it could hurt you.

  8. Good resolutions. Thanks for reminding me of one that I forgot to add to my own list: Have a professional looking website (not blog) for when I begin the query process (another goal for 2012).

    I like your blog. I love the notebook. If you are going to update the design, I would suggest adding a navigation bar at the top with links to separate blog pages for contact; about me; examples of your work and anything else you want to include. I don't know if you are going to create your own design or not (I lack computer software skills) but if you hire an outside designer, The Cutest Blog on the Block has a lot of design options at inexpensive prices.

    Happy New Year and good luck with your goals. I am a new follower.

  9. Melissa: Thanks for following and the great suggestions! I didn't know about TCBOTB, so I am going to have to check that out. I have to admit, the notebook style is what sold me on this blogger design. :D

    And thank you for the advice about the separate pages. I actually want to do that for the website, with all the separate pages you suggested, and one of them be the link to my blog.

    Have a happy New Year yourself, and good luck with your own goals!