Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Holiday Haze

I've seen many posts like this one, where the author is trying to get their brain together after the holiday rush. I am no different, except I am still not done with my "holidays". My brother and I's birthday is next week (for those of you confused by that statement, I have a twin brother. I call him Llama face), my best friend's the following, and my dad and sister in law are the last week of January. 

Yes, there are five birthdays in the month of January for me.

 *gives her belly the eye*

And we plan to KEEP it at only five birthdays.

Speaking of the baby, my husband and I got the nursery mostly set up yesterday, which is a giant load off my shoulders. Still there's lots more to do on the account that I am a pack rat. Not quite a hoarder, but it's hard for me to get rid of stuff. When I finally do it's very satisfying. We've already gone through all the closets and my writing stuff, and a few days ago I went through my clothing.

I still have to find a way to organize my desk stuff, egad. It's just bulky things I don't know what to do with until I need it. Stuff like index cards, Sharpies, colored pencils, spare paper, etc. Presently they are stashed in a drawer, but said drawer is getting rather full. 

I have also made a valiant attempt on my book. There are major revisions in my future, but I am slowly figuring out the plot. Let it never be said I don't try new things, because I am basically pantsing this one.

Overall the holidays went well. There was some drama, as there always seems to be, but I had an excellent Christmas, and I am now enjoying the time to work on the house. My plan is to get everything taken care of as early as possible, so then I can just focus on my book. 

So there you go. An update. How did all of your holidays go? Did you get a lot accomplished or are you still wandering around in a haze?


  1. Glad the munchkin's room is all ready. That really does ease the pressure, doesn't it?

    If you think you are a packrat, think how you will be after 30 years of marriage. (Warning: it ain't pretty.) When we moved from FL, I had to pack solo (dh had already moved and started working), and I got to those 4 bricks, and yes, I packed them. When we were moving things around in our storage unit, he asked, "What is in this box, rocks?" I said, "Oh, that must be the bricks. I thought about leaving them, but figured you would want me to bring them." (He said I did right.)

    My holiday is continuing, as my dh took this week off. I'm still a bit in a daze, but have gotten started back on editing my 2nd story (sf). A little at a time, but I'll get there.

    Other weightier issues are on my mind, though, and nothing with an easy solution. So I suspect parts of me will continue in a daze.

  2. You have a busy month ahead. Good luck with the organization and writing. Enjoy your New Years!

  3. Linda: I knew it wouldn't take long to get the baby's room up and running, but it was still a nagging thought in the back of my mind. :D

    Miranda: Thanks! Enjoy your New Years too!