Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from ELF

Buddy's reaction to Santa coming? That's pretty much me. Only of course I am actually short enough to be mistaken for an elf. The best part is this year Christmas is coming early. My husband has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we celebrated Christmas last night with his family and today with mine.

You know what that means?

The presents come early. :D

Okay! Okay. So maybe that's cheating a little. I think sitting on a throne of lies is a little harsh though. My husband has to work, and we didn't want to have to rush through Christmas. My son is still in the womb so I seriously doubt he's going to realize the difference. Stop judging me with your eyes, Buddy. I am still going to spend Christmas day with my family.

I hope all of you enjoy the holiday weekend as much as I plan to. I'll see you all on Monday, as I recover from a sugar coma.  


  1. Such a great movie. Hope your early celebration was great and enjoy your time with family.

  2. My dad used to often work Christmas eve, then come home and they would wake us, telling us they heard Santa come. (Then he could sleep in the morning.) Other years, he swapped with someone who wanted New Years Eve off (at least back then and there, there were a lot of lushes who would prefer New Years off to Christmas) so he would have the day off.

    Have a very Merry Early Christmas!

  3. Miranda: We had a great time! I hope you have a good holiday too.

    Linda: Yeah we figure this early it's not a big deal for the hubby to work. Plus: holiday pay. It's going to be awesome.