Monday, August 8, 2011

Second Trimester: A Wonderful Thing

Today I am officially in my second trimester! This means I am 13 weeks pregnant.

It feels like this pregnancy is going very slowly when I stop to think about it, but on the other hand, I can't believe it's already been 13 weeks. 4 months. That's a long time. 

By all accounts this is the "fun" trimester. You don't have the morning sickness and fatigue in the first trimester, but you're not as huge as a alien mothership yet. Everyone assured me that when I hit my second trimester the morning sickness would go away, but I was sort of worried they were just lying so I didn't throw up on them. 

Apparently this is actually true, since I am feeling better. I also have less anxiety because the chance of miscarriage decreases drastically. The first trimester feels like the valley of the shadow of death in some ways. Maybe it was just because we found out so soon we were pregnant. We started trying to have a baby, and bamn, next month I miss my period. So I have plenty of time to try and not worry about all the things that could happen.

I didn't want to start planning things too soon. I haven't researched the different birth method (like what sort of drugs I want present at the birth of my baby :D), I haven't registered yet, I haven't bought maternity clothes yet. Now I feel like I can start thinking about these things. 

But that's when I realized that this vague anxiety I feel for my baby will never actually go away. There's never going to be an "all clear" guarantee that say everything is going to be okay. I'll still worry when the baby is a toddler, a child, and heaven help me, a teenager. When I say worry, I don't mean I am staying up at night losing sleep. But it's humbling in a way, to know that my life has been so changed already and the baby isn't even here yet to keep me up at night.

Another cause for my excellent mood is I am very, very close to the end of my rewrite. I started outlining the climax yesterday using this article of Jim Butcher's. I know it sounds weird to outline the climax, but sometimes they intimidate me. There's so many moving parts, so many loose threads being wrapped up that my mind just draws a blank. I use the article to figure out what character is where, and doing what, before I plunge into the scene. 

Soon I will be able to write the post proclaiming that I am done, but in the meantime I will say that I am making excellent progress. 

So how is everyone doing? How are your works in progress? 


  1. The third trimester, despite being bigger (though I was never mother ship big; I have a picture of me in labor, head on pic, and you could hardly tell I was pregnant. All in front.) has a lot of fun kicks to it. (ahem.) That is the slow trimester, though.

    The first trimester, I was exhausted, and remember thinking, OMG, I only have 7 months left to get the room ready! (It had been our catch-all room for years. I tried for years to get pregnant, though, so I had also been kind of anticipating for years.)

    This summer hasn't been a good writing summer. Between multiple trips, company, and later this week surgery on my shoulder (which will put the brakes on everything), I'm not where I wanted to be. I'm working on my query letter, and had been working on revising my 2nd novel, but that stalled with all else that has been going on in my life. Life - that which happens when we aren't writing. ;-)

  2. Linda: Yeah I am not sure yet about the room thing. Technically my office is the second bedroom in the apartment, and we'll move the crib in here. But we're also looking at houses so I am not sure what will come first--the house or the baby.

    As for not being where you want to be, try not to sweat it. I am not where I thought I would be either, but that's okay. Life happens. :D

  3. You might *MOVE* while very pregnant? Or with an infant? You are a brave, brave woman. ;-)