Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ladies and gentleman, I am done with my rewrite.

Yes. You read that correctly. I am done. Finished. 

This is how I currently feel:

My brain is mush. I also feel really proud of myself. Because there were times I didn't think I would finish. I know you read that a lot, usually in a celebratory post like this one, where the writer says, "I thought I might never finish!" or "I almost gave up, like, a million times!" 

And then the writer sips champagne (and pronounces it that really pretentious way, "shamp-PAN-ya") because she's just sold the book for a million dollars.

Except I still have to do a major edit on this book, so I won't be querying anytime soon. And also, I really did consider giving up lots of time. Sometimes just because I was frustated, and other times because it was just so HARD. It's difficult to decribe to people who have never written a book before how it can be hard. It seems like the easiest thing in the world, to just jot a bunch of words down on the page. 

But I bled for this book, and it's not over yet. But for now, I am letting it rest, and I have you guys in part to thank. Having this blog is a great way to stay accountable. I knew if I quit that my friends would give me a hard time. Ditto for the blog. And even though you guys would be understanding, there would still be the guilt. The guilt that I quit. 

So I kept going.

And now I am finished.

Thank you, everyone, for your support. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to figure out how to occupy my time now that the rewrite's over.


  1. I read DONE and had to zip down to the comment box to say


    Now to actually read the post...

  2. OK now more to the point: YAY for sticking with it, and YES YOU WILL keep sticking with it!!

  3. YAY for completion!

    Now the real work begins.


  4. Yay! Every book is a battle, and every revision is hard.

    Way to stick with it (especially with the whole being pregnant thing, that doesn't make life easier).

  5. Tessa: That's so cute you zipped down to comment first! :D Thanks!

    Christi: YAA--wait, what? I know. I am not thinking about that right now and just basking in the finished feeling.

    Charity: Thanks!

    Rena: I know! Thanks! The pregnant thing put me back a week or so, but I managed to finish!

  6. Who was it who said that success take application of seat of pants to seat of chair?