Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

Guess what! I am sick!
It's the summer. I protest. There should be some sort of law against getting a bad head cold in the summer. Also, there should be an addendum to said law that the punishment is worse if the victim is still in her first trimester. 

Morning sickness + coughing * (lack of sleep^2) body aches - Robitussin Dm + three boxes of tissues and counting = Elizabeth high on cold medicine and unable to string more than two coherent sentences together. 

If I could remember the order of operations I might be able to tell you why my toes are tingling.

Rewriting is going fabulously because I haven't done any in a few days. Too scared to see what my addled brain will cook up. Mostly I've spend my days laying on the couch with my husband, who is also sick (he's the one that shared the virus--he really shouldn't have), watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.

Shocking confession time: I've never seen Buffy or Angel before! I know! I am fixing that right now. It's rather addictive. I feel like I am arriving to a fandom about ten years late. Maybe that's because I am. When I told my husband I'd never seen either series he wanted to know what I did with my time as a teenager.

I read books. Also, I wrote some. I didn't watch a lot of TV, and still don't. 

I tried to post yesterday and tell you guys why you weren't getting a coherent post from me, but about halfway through this post I got distracted and I forgot about it. 

Here's a song:

P. S. I like this song prior to the aide of over the counter cough medicine. True story! I think it's cute. I like J-pop (Japanese Pop, even though technically these girls are Korean so it would be considered K-pop) a lot.

P. P. S. I was going to say something, but I forgot while I was typing the first P.S.

P. P. P. S. I remember now. I was going to make a joke by adding a tag that didn't belong to this post, but then I figured only I would notice/find it funny. First I was going to use the tag "zombie apocalypse" but then I thought it might actually apply since my cold could be the first wave of the virus that will create the zombie apocalypse. (Also, I don't know why I have some of the tags I do. Seriously, why does "Bigos" get it's own tag? It's just a dish I make.)

Okay, so I looked through my tags, and it's no go. Even the ones that don't fit would just seem like I hit the wrong button. I mean, if I tag this post "lolcats" even though there aren't any cats in this post (just Korean girls and a confusing math equation) it won't be funny. Not in the ironic way I was hoping for. So the tag thing is a bust. Sorry. 

P. P. P. P. S. I didn't want to end the post on such a downer. So I added another PS. Although I wonder, adding more "Ps" to the P.S., that's not a real thing right? It's just something people do so you get the point that it's another added message but separate from the first. 

Have a great day!


  1. Which season of Buffy are you watching? Don't watch Angel until after season 3 of Buffy. While the two aren't entirely linked, they share spoilers from time to time. It won't make sense if you start Angel early.

    The quality of the shows suffers when Joss started new projects. Buffy season 4 is a let down after the awesomeness of season 3 because that's the first year of Buffy. Angel season four is so awful as to almost not be allowed to exist because that was the year he started Firefly.

  2. I pretty much agree with Joseph. I'm a huge Buffy and Angel fan and own all seasons of both. The Buffy series started to suffer with the addition of the character Dawn. Angel suffered once Connor appeared, but Season Five redeemed the show.

    My favorite episode of Buffy is "Once More With Feeling" from Season Six and also "Hush" from Season Four. My favorite episode of Angel is probably "Smile Time" but almost all of Season Five is amazing once a particular character shows up. (I won't give spoilers)

  3. We just started season three of Buffy. We haven't started Angel, because a friend told me to wait until Angel goes off to brood, so that's the plan.

    I've heard mixed reviews about both seasons you've mentioned and again, heard it attributed to Joss starting a new project. Which sort of sucks, but I guess that's what we have to live with.

    Thanks for the love and support guys. I am really enjoying this series.

  4. So sorry you're not feeling well. Icky. I hope the cold clears up soon.

    I'd never seen Buffy either until last year! I think I'm on Season 4 now. Season 1 was my favorite though. Sooo campy.

    Fun video- it has a strikingly Bollywood feel with the bright colors and group dancing.

  5. Thanks Liz! The crap in my chest is finally clearing up, but I still feel weird. Glad to know I am not the only person late to the Buffy party.

    I love J-pop and K-pop videos. Most seem to have that Bollywood feel to them! :D