Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Today in the United States we celebrate the Fourth of July, which is our independence day. Celebrations include fireworks, outdoor picnics, getting eaten by mosquitoes while partaking in said picnics, and at least in my family, eating lots of watermelon.

Since today is Monday, and I normally work today, I actually had a cook out with my parents yesterday. But, I do have the day off after all. Not sure what I am going to do today. As part of my new resolve to treat writing like a job, holidays and all, I officially have the day off, but I still plan to work on my writing anyway. Hello, overtime. :D

Other than that, I think some general loafing around it in order. So nothing too strenuous is on the agenda. I hear the leftovers from yesterday calling me.

How do you plan on celebrating today? Family fun? Locking yourself away and complaining about the fireworks? 


  1. In my family, all holidays are celebrating by tempting the great good Hephaestus. We cook our food on open flames in surprisingly close proximity to our homes. We take it as a sign of the god's pleasure when we are blessed with extraordinary flames. Yesterday, we even caught the zucchini on fire. Good times.