Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review: Making Waves

The logical conclusion to my last post would be for me to review Making Waves. So here it is:

I loved it. 

I don't read a lot of romantic comedy, mostly because a vast majority of those books feel like they are just about the guy and the girl hooking up. Which, of course, that IS what a romance novel is about. But usually for me I need a little more going on in the book, or I just feel like I am reading a soap opera.

Happily, Tawna Fenske's book delivers a really cute romance, but also an interesting plot and hilarious characters. The core of the plot is disgruntled employees who are recently laid off, trying to steal their corrupt boss's illegal goods so they can use that to replace their pensions.

There's also lots of suspense and conflict, but what really made the book for me was the characters. The main female character, Juli Flynn, is...different. She's quirky, but not so quirky she turns into a stereotype of herself. The supporting characters are just as interesting, which make for interesting reading with all of them stuck on a boat together. I really enjoyed the chemistry all of the character had together. Making Waves is about a romance, but it's also about Juli trying desperately to find people she can fit in with.  

In short, I thought this book was awesome, even if I did get strange looks at the OB's office for laughing out loud.    

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