Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wheee! Going to a Writing Seminar!

I am extremely excited to report that yours truly is officially going to a writing seminar two weekends from now.

Dragon*Con is hosted every year in Atlanta, and I usually don't have the money to go, even though I do love me some nerd conventions. This year I found out about their writer's track. They have three full days of classes on improving your writing.

I don't usually make a point to go to the local seminars here because they are very vague about their programming. They talk about teaching you how to be a better writer, and learning techniques on plot and structure, but I never know if it's going to be new information for me.

Not that I know everything. Far from it. But you reach a certain point where the plotting basics just don't teach you anything. It's what sucks about being in the intermediate stage of writing.

However, Dragon*Con has a list here about the different classes being held, and what each of them entails. It's three full days of writing goodness! I know for a fact I can use what they are teaching in those classes.

I managed to switch days with people at work, and I just paid for it. I am so so so so excited I can hardly sit still.

My only problem is I have an urge to cosplay. It IS Dragon*Con after all. I have to represent my fellow nerds. But I also want to look somewhat professional, and somehow, I am thinking dying my hair neon purple and wearing a costume doesn't exactly scream that.

I think I will compromise and wear my Full Metal Alchemist t-shirt. I would wear my Last Airbender shirt, but I am afraid of being stoned to death. That movie destroyed the tv series, and some of the fans are more angry about it than I am.

What do you guys have going on? Ever been to a writing seminar? Any tips for me?

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  1. Have fun, bring lots of paper and writing implements, and network like crazy!

    We will want a full report later, so take LOTS of notes. ;-)