Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

It’s Tuesday, and I have decided that I am going to try to post about other media on Tuesdays. Kinda like a Shout Out day. I talk about poetry, or music, or other authors, or the bread mold I found inspiring…you get the idea. There are many, many influences that goes into a writer’s mind, and I thought Tuesdays would be a great day to talk about them. Because let’s be honest: no one really likes Tuesdays. Actually I don’t mind them, but I have a weird work schedule. I am off Sundays and Wednesdays. Most people, however, work Monday through Friday, so Tuesday doesn’t have the fresh start of a Monday, nor does it have the middle of the week buzz that Wednesday does, Thursday is beloved because it’s almost Friday, and everyone loves Friday, because, well, it’s Friday.

But I remember a time where Tuesday had some respect (actually I don’t, I am just using hyperbole). It’s named after the Norse god Thor, for crying out loud! Thor’s Day! Let’s take Thor’s day back…wait, crap. Thursday is Thor’s day isn’t it? Well, Tuesday was named after Tyr, also a Norse god. He was the god of single combat, heroic glory, and victory. He allowed the other gods to tie up Fenrir (a REALLY big wolf) by sticking his hand in Fenrir’s mouth. He subsequently lost his arm, but that did not stop him from being cool.

So, ahem. Anyway, a day for shout outs. Here goes mine:

Natalie Whipple: This writer chick is seriously sweet! I want to just squeeze her! She blogs about all kinds of stuff, from straight writing advice to really meaningful topics that plagues writers and most don’t want to talk about, like self-confidence, and comparing yourself to other people, and staying positive. She’s my daily pep talk. I absolutely cannot wait until she gets published. Also, I think she might be Wonder Woman. I’m just saying.

Nathan Bransford: He’s an agent that has demystified the query/agent process. He’s funny, and also gives updates in the publishing industry, and talks about mistakes writer can avoid. Basically, he helps you look smarter. Which is awesome. I am querying him first the second my book is ready. Hopefully he’ll think my book is brilliant, and sell it to a Big Publishing Company, and I can quiet my day job, and…there goes that fertile imagination again.

The Rejectionist: Hilarious, with a perchance for the royal we, this blogger is an assistant to an agent she refers to as “Steve”. She’s a slush pile warrior, with the battle scars to prove it. Also another way to get savvy to the whole publishing biz, and make yourself seem smarter, and doing that nasty thing we writers like to call “research”.

So. Go forth and check these people out. Your writing will thank you.

Anyone else have some great shout outs? Places with indispensable writing advice? People who are hilarious and great for a good laugh?


  1. I've always liked Tuesdays. They're a pretty shade of green. ;) NOW I REALLY like Tuesdays. A one-handed god?! That just totally made my (Tues)Day! :D

  2. There's a great picture of him at Wikipedia! I thought you might like him...