Friday, February 12, 2010

Five for Friday: Guilty Confessions

I had an AMAZING idea this morning, ZOMG!!!!! So excited!!! *happy dance* It came in the form of a dream, so see? Ideas come to you when you lest expect them too.

I will return you to your regularly scheduled blog series tomorrow. Until then, enjoy Five for Friday.

Time to own up to some things that I like, probably too much:

1. Disaster movies. Wow. I love these movies (and books, but I haven’t found a whole lot of them). Something about wiping away most of the world’s population, and a rag-tag band of heroes are suddenly thrown into a harsh world where the only the strong survive, where everything they took for granted is GONE, BABY GONE really gets my blood going. Don’t know why. And it doesn’t matter how terrible the move is either, I will still watch it. And yes, Zombie movies fall into this category for me.
Examples: Movies: The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Doomsday, Mad Max Trilogy, Waterworld
Books: The Stand by Stephen King, Cell by Stephen King, The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
2. 80’s Hair band. I love them. I don’t know why, but every time a hair metal song comes on, I just feel the urge to jump up and sing, even if I am in the grocery store. I LOVE Journey, which may or may not be considered a hair band, but I enjoy even the really cheesy bands. I think it’s the melodrama in the songs…let’s not read too much into what that says about my character, okay? ‘Kay.
Example: Def Leopard (I love all of their songs), Every Rose Has It’s Torn by Poison, Here I Go Again on My Own by Whitesnake, Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung, Tarzan Boy by Balitmora, To Be With You by Mr. Big, Radar Love by Golden Earring, Van Halen, Reo Speedwagon (OHHH, especially the Power ballads! I love me some power ballads!)
Disclaimer: While some bands made music during the 80’s, like Meat Load, they were not just popular during the 80’s, so that’s why some awesome bands aren’t on this list.
3. Pop music. Sorta goes with the 80’s music, but it’s different (and shameful enough) to get it’s own space. Now, if you love pop music, please don’t think I am making fun of you, because I am not. After all, I LOVE pop music, but there are some songs that could be…a little deeper, shall we say. Even the really repetitious pop songs don’t bother me. I like Lady Gaga, and grew up on the boy bands so I love most of those, girl bands, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, yes, there’s even a few Miley Cyrus songs I like. I just love the happy, upbeat nature of most pop songs. I don’t like EVERY pop song, but I like enough of them. Let’s just say I listen to a little bit of everything, for reals: Abba, Disturbed, Def Leopard, Hanson, David Garret, Beethoven, Sarah Brightman, Guns and Roses, and VNV nation are all in my itunes, and loads more.
4. I love to smell and touch my books. I love lining them on the shelf and just run my fingers tips over the spines, breathing in the scent of reading. This brings me great joy; I don’t know why. Especially buying a new book! I love going through the book store, pursing through the aisles, selecting a book (or two), and bringing my finds up to the cashier like a new mom.
5. Blades of Glory. Yes, that comedy with Will Farell and Jon Heder in it, about male figure skaters. Normally, I don’t find movies of the stupid-silly variety funny. It’s just me, you may think they are hilarious. So when it came time to clean the house, I needed a movie to pop in, one that I didn’t have to pay a lot of attention to. It’s mostly a distraction against the utter mindless boredom that which is cleaning. So! I put the movie in (borrowed from my little brother, who LOVES movies like that), and was surprised as to how hard I am laughing. Maybe it’s because I was expecting the movie to suck. Maybe it’s because I was under loads of stress and needed something bright and shiny to take my mind off things. For whatever reason, I really find this movie hysterical, and not just a scene or two. My favorite parts are when Jon Heder has to eat the dirty (not used-dirty, dirty from trash and stuff) toilet paper (so gross it went right past my gag reflex and straight to my funny bone), and when Will Farell says he could never love a human baby more than his horse hair brush. Good times, good times.

Honorary Mention: CHOCOLATE!!!
I was going to include chocolate, but I don’t feel guilty for loving it, so…


  1. Taladega Nights was suprisingly hilarious. I normally avoid stupid-funny movies altogether, but my daughter brought it home and I laughed my butt off.

  2. Ohhh, I need to see that! My friend tells me "Stepbrothers" was also very funny. Thanks for joining!