Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Which She Reveals Her Darkest Secret of All

Quote: “All you need is love.” The Beatles.

Music: All That I Am by Rob Thomas

In case you missed yesterday (it’s alright, I forgive you, I almost missed yesterday myself), I am participating in my first ever blogfest.

Loyal Minions: “A what?”

It’s okay, I just found out about such things yesterday. A blogfest is hosted by someone, in this case Courtney Reese, who already seems like an awesome person. You sign up on that person’s blog, and the participants write a scene on a preplanned topic. In honor of Valentine’s Day, this blogfest’s topic is Love at First Sight. When a character realizes they are in love with someone, for the first time.

I am feeling a little hectic, because it’s this Sunday and I found out about it yesterday, but I probably would have procrastinated until the last minute anyway…

Here is my darkest secret: I am a romantic. I know I come across as a cold, unfeeling, heartless screen of illuminated light most of the time, but deep inside I love sappy romances. At the heart of almost every book I write is a romance. While I enjoy reading romances, I usually prefer to write about something more than just a romance, so my books usually have a really strong romantic subplot. It gives them something to do other than fight/make up.

It’s taking me a long time to figure out which two characters I want to write about. So many choices. I want to make sure I pick two characters I could characterize quickly, and didn’t require a lot of backstory in order for you to understand what I was writing about. But still, it’s a tough call. So many romances I could have chosen. At the same time, I haven’t written/figured out what’s going to happen with each character, so I don’t know how some of my couples will realize their true feelings for each other. And I don’t want to write something, and then publish a book with those characters years later and have someone dig it up and complain that it contradicts what I have written.

So I am still pondering. How about you? How goes your scenes?

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