Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Hero Is Born

Exhibit A
 It's finally happened.

After literally years of telling my twin brother how awesome Guitar Hero is, and listening to him give me snark about the games, I've converted him. Above is the photo evidence. 

It took a while, and it wasn't easy. My husband bought me the new Warriors of Rock game (among other things) for Christmas. 

Pretend you're a rock know you want to.
See that sweet looking guitar? Yeah, it's mine. It also lured my twin with her siren song. Every time he came over, he would eye the guitar. The second time I caught him oggling my guitar, I picked it up. "Sweet guitar, huh?"

"Yeah, it actually looks pretty bad a**."

I nodded. We all know my guitar rocks. I handed it over to him. He held the guitar in his hands, and I could tell he wanted to play the game. But it was too soon. He didn't want it badly enough to eat his snarky words of so many years. 

So I waited. The next time he came over, I mentioned which games I had collected. I was able to pick up Guitar Hero II, III, World Tour, and GH: Aerosmith in addition to Warriors of Rock which came with my sweet, sweet guitar. I causally mentioned how they even had a Guitar Hero: Metallica. His interest perked up again. He mentioned he was actually considering playing. I was close.

Finally today, he came over for a few hours before work. We chatted. I oh so causally asked him if he wanted to play a video game or watch a movie. His eyes darted over to my guitar and he said, "You talked about teaching me how to play."

I grinned. I started him off easy, with Guitar Hero II. The game has a steep learning curve, so the songs on Easy are still harder to play on the more recent games, than the older ones like GH II.

Turns out, he's a prodigy! My twin is a gamer, so he picked up on it really quickly and only failed out on one song (Bodies, by Drowning Pool). By the time he had to leave for work he was playing Warriors of Rock, kicking butt and taking names.

*sniff* It's a beautiful day!

I'm doing this as hard as I can. Rwarrrrrrrr!
P.S. In hindsight, I realize I probably should have mentioned this post was going to be nothing but me being a nerd. My apologies to those who were bored by the post. I simply had to blog about my triumphs, however small they may be.


  1. I'm staring at my two dust covered (plastic) guitars in the corner, and I have an overwhelming desire to play too!

  2. LOL, I loved this post! I like getting a glimpse into the real person behind the blog. Even though writing sucks up a lot of our lives, it isn't all we are. Close, but not all. :)

    We have World Tour and we hook up the guitar and a mic. So much fun!

  3. @ Wannabe Writer: Yes! I wish we could play together! I just calibrated my new TV and started a new band! It's fun!

    @Charity: thank goodness! I always hope it's at least moderately interesting for people to hear about my personal life, since I don't always have good writing advice to spew forth. Thanks for the encouragement. And I love World Tour, so have fun!

  4. Awesome pictures! If you're gonna play Guitar Hero, this is definitely how you do it: All The Way. Loved this.

  5. Jenifer: My sentiments exactly! You gotta work the groove. What good is playing with a plastic guitar if you don't pretend you're a rock star???

  6. I'm a Rock Band guy myself. However, Guitar Hero: Metallica uses the Guitar Hero World Tour engine, which is compatible with Rock Band's instruments. GH: Metallica may have ended up on my wedding registry and some awesome person might have gifted it to us.

    Dear lord! Kirk Hammett has the most amazing finger control ever. The solos kick my ass! I can't play on anything more difficult than Medium and survive the solos.