Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Earthquakes and Inspiration

I really wanted to write a poignant and insightful blog post today. Honestly. 

When I opened up Blogger though, I found that there were earthquakes moving around in the blogging world.

First, Sarah Zarr's keynote speech. You might have seen it mentioned before, and thought you would click on the link later. And then forgot. I know I did. But I read it this morning, and it touched my heart. So go read her speech.

Second, Natalie Whipple has a great post today about finding herself as a writer, and taking advice or leaving it, and other Eye Opening Things.

Lastly, big news from the Rejectionist. Go on, read. I will wait.


Wow. I mean, it takes guts to quit your day job to start writing. I feel so inspired. It makes me want to write my book with newfound glory.

I think I will.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Thanks for the links -- all awesome!!

  2. Wait, that's not an earthquake, that's a groundhog!

  3. Desert Rocks: oh right! My bad! Those groundhogs are masters of disguise.