Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Neccessary Evil

Yesterday I had so much fun, and it wasn't even writing related. Weird, I know. I did something revolutionary, something I never do, and while I regret it later, it was fun at the time.

I watched The Grudge with my best friend Melissa and Joe (who is Melissa's boyfriend). It was his birthday this past Sunday and we celebrated it yesterday. I told Joe he was allowed to pick the movie we watched, yes even a horror movie. I normally stay away from horror movies like they carried the plague. Because I am a sissy and when I watch them I scream and jump, and usually have a nightmare or two afterward. I am just a little too imaginative for my own good sometimes.

But there's must be something seriously wrong with Melissa and Joe, for they LOVE horror movies. They've watched tons of them, and are considers "buffs" in the genre. They really don't discriminate either, and will watch something big budget or what they found in the dollar bin at the supermarket. 

So yesterday after apartment hunting (I am moving in about a month) I went over to their apartment and we cleaned up a bit, and got some Chinese food (YUM), and then settled in to play some Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

A brief digression into my nerdiness: Warriors of Rock is so unbelievably awesome. You can give your avatar red glowing eyes, and all kinds of rock paraphernalia. It's like the dark fantasy version of the game, complete with zombie make up. I managed to unlock myself a set of angel wings to compliment my red demon glowing eyes and Egyptian eye make up. I am still working on my succubus horns, but those are really high level, and I play infrequently at best. 

We had loads of fun, hopped up on strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and Monster energy drinks, which curiously like alcohol, taste terrible the first few sips until you numb your taste buds. Then it was time for the movie. Joe picked out The Grudge, which Melissa hadn't even seen yet. We watched the remake, the one with Buffy in it. I know, I know. Purists would shoot me, because the Japenese original, named Ju-on, is supposed to be waaay scarier. Well, if that's the case, I don't think I could watch the original. The remake nearly killed me. By the end of the movie Melissa and I had shifted towards Joe until we were in a tiny clump of unbridled terror.

Thank you Wikimedia for setting the mood for this post.

Overall, there was something cathartic being that terrified for an hour an a half. Afterward I felt a giddy sense of euphoria. I just have to not think about the movie AT ALL if I ever want to sleep again. I think the concept of a hungry ghost is really cool, and I even have a few in my WIP so that helped keep my interest in the movie. I think sometimes watching a movie outside of my comfort zone is a necessary evil. Cathartic, at the least. The last outside of my comfort zone movie was We Were Soldiers, which had me balling my eyes out through half the movie.

Today I feel refreshed and energetic, ready to take on the world, or at least my plot outline. But that could be the leftover cake talking.

I would like to thank my new followers! Hi new followers! It's nice to still be acquiring followers. I've stayed between the 30-40 mark for a while now, and I wondered if my breath stank or something. But that's how blogs go, and I know a massive legion of followers will come in time. Just as soon as I learn how to make zombies...

Anyway! Have a great day everyone, and maybe try something new? Something you think you won't like. You never know how it will make you feel.


  1. I'm not much of a fan of horror movies, but if you haven't seen it, you should watch "The Ring." I prefer American remakes of Japanese horror movies (like "The Grudge") because there are cultural elements in Japanese movies I just don't understand that would be terrifying to me if I did. The American versions add cultural elements I understand and make for a better viewing experience.

    Though really, I don't watch many horror movies. It's not really a genre I enjoy.

  2. I watched the Ring right before it exploded into popularity, and thus, was woefully unprepared for that type of horror movie. What made it worse is I watched it in the theater with a bunch of friends at a sleep over, and we returned to the friend's house...and stared at the living room with the big tv we were supposed to sleep in. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. We went through the entire house and turned all the light on until it was time to go to sleep and we realized the folly of our way: we would have to go through the entire house AGAIN to shut off the lights.

    I think I am scared for life from that movie. I have yet to watch the Japanese version, Ringu.

  3. The friend who introduced me to that movie, his girlfriend at the time didn't sleep for seven days after seeing it. She went a little insane (okay, a little more insane). She refused to watch it with us, so she left. She was unaware that we restarted the movie 35 minutes later when some more friends show up. She decides she's going to be funny, assuming the movie has been over for 40 minutes. She texts him "7 DAYS." He gets the text right at the last shot of the film where the ring comes on the screen. It couldn't have made for a more awesome experience. The timing was perfect.

  4. You are correct. That couldn't have been more awesome.

  5. I can only do certain kinds of horror movies. Supernatural horror I really love. Have you ever watched The Haunting in Connecticut (the 2009 version)? Amazing film. I also loved The Ring, though the sequel was disappointing, to say the least. I haven't watched The Grudge because I have a moral objection to Sarah Michelle Gellar's presence on my screen (it's complicated), but it looks right up my alley.

    I draw a lot of inspiration from my horror movies. I even have a WIP (progress is a strong word...) that would make an awesome horror movie. I do tend to huddle behind my boyfriend sometimes though.


  6. @ Tara: I didn't really *see* The Haunting in Connecticut in the real sense of the word. My roomates at the time were watching it, and it was loud enough that I could hear it upstairs. I also caught glimpses of the movie while I went into the kitchen to eat or get more tea.

    It DOES look interesting, because it's about exorcism and stuff, but most of the time I can't watch horror.

    It's funny that I am that way about horror movies, because I LOVE Stephen King.