Monday, October 18, 2010

The Engine of Your Doom Hath Been Set Into Motion!

I am staring at the computer, thinking vainly of something to blog about. But as I am working hard my on WiP and work was particularly long today, it seems my brain has taken a hiatus. 

Therefore, I shall perform the ultimate fencing move, sure to produce a victory: the 11th Parry.

I give you a hilarious short play, written by the Rejectionist: The Saga of the Office Mouse
I was shouting, "The engine of your doom hath been set in motion!" all afternoon.

I give you a funny story in which a young girl quests for cake. It's amazing what she does with MS Paint: The God of Cake

Mia is having a blogfest on her blog that is appropriately Halloween themed! I plan to join the festivities, since I adore Halloween more than I probably should.

(P.S. Lo, I searched the Internet in vain. The 11th parry is when you use your friend to block the blow. I cannot find it on teh Internets, and cannot remember where my friends and I first heard it. So you'll have to do with an un-funny explanation here, instead of me directly linking to someone else defining it for me. I apologize for my FAIL.)


  1. Thanks for the blogfest talk! It should be very fun!!


  2. I love Hyperbole and a Half.


  3. Me too! I was SOOOO glad I had cupcakes when I read that post.