Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Obligatory NaNo Prep Post

I feel the need to post some helpful ideas and links for the coming NaNo season, so here's a bunch of links. I'm posting some pictures of Puerto Rico in between things, just to give you something pretty to look at while you're reading. :D

I swear I didn't crib this from a travel website, I honest to goodness took this picture at the beach!

James Scott Bell has a great post about supercharging your novel with one exercise. The bonus here is it's about big picture stuff, so it's for plotters and pantsers alike. Super Charge your NaNoWriMo Novel With One Exercise

Bell also links to a fantastic article in that post, and I'm going to relink (that's a word, right? If not, IT IS NOW) it here:

Lisa Cron's wonderful article: Story First Writing Second

Chuck Wendig has a really great post on some quick tips for prepping: Welcome to NaNoWriMo Prep School, Word Nerds  

Janice Hardy has a great post on Plotting with Michael Hague's Six Stage Plot Structure.

And finally, what good NaNo Prep post would be complete without a random generator?

I enjoy this one at Forward Motion. It's interesting and plot oriented without being so vague it's useless.

So there go you, some posts to get you ready!

How is everyone's prep work coming along? Are we all set? Panicking?  


  1. So PRETTY!

    And yeah, some place just lend themselves to being photographed.

    1. I totally agree! It didn't even look that tropically until I took the picture and looked at it later.

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    1. Why thank you so much! Clearly you are a wise person whose words will predict the future. Let's hope so, anyway. ;)