Monday, June 25, 2012

The Ever-Popular Rewrite Playlist

So it's that time again folks. 

Yes, the time where I go into a second or third draft and completely rewrite the entire thing. Why? Because I am a masochist, that's why.  No really, I must hate myself.

Really it's because I've finished revision and it's actually better to rewrite it than to try and add in and take out all the stuff. This is probably the third complete rewrite I am about to embark on, and I am noticing a disturbing pattern. Hold me.

Last night, while my brain was doing it's normal "NOOOOOO" panic attack, I thought about Libba Bray's Ever-Popular I Suck Playlist and figured rewriting would make a good addendum to that post. So here it is. If the stages your brain goes through when you're about to embark on a major revision/rewrite was a playlist, this is what it would look like:

Playlist Titled: Why I Am I Putting Myself Through This Again?

1. It's Time to Rewrite the Book, Hide the Gun
2. Maybe This Time It Will Be Better
3. It's Not Better; It's Worse
4. Why, God, Why? (stuck on repeat one)
5. Maybe I Should Write Something Else
6. OMG I Have the Best Idea for the Rewrite!
7. Happy Dance
8. It's Not Better; It's Worse (DJ Sally Remix)
9. Shiny New Idea Syndrome Breakdown
10. Maybe I Should Write Something Else, Part Two
11. No, Really, I Should Leave This Book Out In the Cold to Die (of Exposure)
12. Major Breakthrough Anthum
13. It's Not Better; It's Worse (Special Duet with Crit Partner Who is ALSO Rewriting)
14. The Internet Has the Answer
15. The Internet Does Not Have the Answer--Oh Look, Twitter
16. Where's the Chocolate?
Hidden Track: If I Hide Under My Desk Maybe the Book Can't Find Me

So that's going to be on my iTunes the next couple of months.

How about you? Any new tracks to add to the Revision/Rewrite Playlist?

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  1. Hilarious! LOL!
    Oh dear, I sympathize! When I edited my most recent book, I was on the brink of learning something BIG. So I scrubbed out all the superfluous language, cleaned house! ...then I reread it a week later and saw that I'd edited my voice right out of the darn thing. >:( soooooo, I went back in and put several things BACK in even though they were a) cliches or b) not fancy. Know what? Agents and an editor are reviewing it now. *squee* Good luck!