Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nothing to Fear

If you're feeling down in the dumps, like you're never going to write something good again...

If you're afraid that you're never going to get an agent/get published/finish your book/be the laughingstock of EVERYWHERE...

Or if you just need a pick me up, have I got the post for you: Give Me Your Best Fears. I Will PWN Them.

Yes, Natalie Whipple, a wonderful blogger and all around excellent human being, decided to open up her comments section for people to post their worst writing fears. She then goes on to talk people off the ledge, so to speak. What follows is an uplifting, heartwarming post about people confessing their fears and getting some solace. 

And if you think Natalie, agented but unpublished, has nothing to fear or only empty platitudes to offer, you haven't heard her horror story.

You know those stories that make their way around the writing convention. They are often told in the dark, with a flashlight held up to the person's face, "...and they were never published again."

You can read her horror story here, and thank the heavens this isn't you (or pray it won't be). 

So yeah...she knows fear. She knows fear well. But she is PWNing her fear, and you can too. 

Read the post and feel better. And then get back to writing. *takes her own advice*

How do you quell your writing fears? Chocolate? A sledgehammer?