Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart is an Awesome Power

My intention for my writing is HEART.

I received an email from Holly Lisle about a contest she's holding

It's about motivation. You post a comment in her weblog what one word you would want on an intention coin, and she will randomly select winners.

An intention coin (for those of you too lazy/enthralled with my writing to click on the link)  is a hand stamped metal coin you can keep in your wallet, in your writing journal, or elsewhere to remind yourself of your goal(s).

I love this idea. I love the idea of picking one powerful word to sum up my intention toward my writing. Some people use these coins to help them lose weight, or stay punctual, or whatever goal they have that seems impossible, but for me, the intention is for my writing.

And my intention is different than what you might initially think. 

Sure, I would love to land a wonderful agent and get a sweet publishing deal, and maybe hit the bestseller's list, and win a Hugo or a Nebula award

But this year I've learned I need to take a step back. None of that matters without the writing. It's all about me, and the words on the page.

I will order myself an intention coin soon, but in the meantime, I think I will just write HEART in bold letters on a piece of paper and stick it in front of my computer screen. 

Heart, to remind myself to write from the heart, the deepest part of myself.

To remind myself it takes a lot of heart to see a book through the entire publication process, but I can succeed. 

To remind myself not to let the myriad of voices drown out the heart of my book.

So, here's the question: What one word would you use to sum up your intentions for this year? Or the rest of your life?

PS:  This post was named after this TV trope.


  1. That is so cool! Writing from the heart is the most noble and honest thing you can do.


  2. One word: improving For both year and life. I hope to always be improving, whether physically (and I know that one has a time limit), mentally, as a writer, as a domestic goddess(okay, I put less effort into that one) etc.

  3. @ Linda: I like that. Improving. It doesn't put across any time pressures or negative feedback. Just...getting better at life in general.