Friday, September 24, 2010

A Webinar on How to Write Science Fiction/Fantasy Queries! Huzzah!

I feel like that actress clutching her Oscar, crying, "You do love me! You really do!"

Kristin Nelson, of the super awesome amazing wonderful fabulous Nelson Literary Agency is giving a webinar next Thursday called "How to Write and Sell Fantasy and Science Fiction". She stated that they are actively looking to expand their roster of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, but they are the area that is the weakest in terms of query letters. 

Sure, there are plenty of conventions for us geeks, but precious little "How to" information at those seminars for writing novels (which is why I jumped on that seminar I took at Dragon*Con like a rat terrier on a tennis ball). How do you work the worldbuilding and back story into the query letter, where space is a premium? How much of that worldbuilding is crucial? If you refrain from including a major detail in the query letter in favor of space, will that hurt you later on down the partil-full requests line?

These are questions I am sure us fantasy and science fiction writers are no stranger to. These questions and more will be answered by the wonderful Kristin Nelson next Thursday. Here are the details: How to Write and Sell Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels 

The extra awesome aspect of this webinar is you get a critique of your query letter, and if you can't make the time of the webinar, you can still access the archives for up to a year later. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Now if you will excuse me, I have a query letter to butcher.


  1. Wait, is that mine or yours you were butchering. :-P My blog is all covered in query guts now. :D

  2. LMAO! I meant my query! But yes, your query's guts are all over the floor. But the pulse is steady, and I think the patient is going to pull through.