Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Write Stuff (Get it? Write Stuff? Because I am a writer? Haha!)

Music Playing: Star Sailor “Faith Hope Love” (on repeat one)

Urgh. It’s July in Georgia, so naturally it’s hotter than the surface of the sun outside. I think the asphalt is melting…

Anyhow, it’s time for the long awaited status update. Despite the challenge of writing while we’re also moving (countdown to two weeks), I still managed to get some worldbuilding on my new project done. I also bought some Prismacolors colored pencils so I could make my maps pretty (and accurate. I am coloring in the biomes of my made up planet). I am still brainstorming for my newest project, since it would be futile to start something and then move a week later (I moved once while in the middle of writing a novel, and let me warn you: do not do this. Avoid it at all costs. It kills that lovely momentum you generate while you’re in the fervor of creation).

But that’s okay, because I need to do some serious worldbuilding before I can start writing anyway, and it’s proving to be a good diversion from all the boxes lying around.

Recently I have fallen in love with Starsailor’s song “Faith Hope Love.” I mean, in deep, deep lover with this song. I have listened to it over and over. Yes, I am one of those annoying people that like to replay the same song to death. But I am considerately annoying, and only do it when no one else is around.

I consider this song repetition to be an extension of my mild OCD. I call it OCD for lack of a better term, but I am actually just extremely anal retentive about certain things. I don’t have a meltdown if my desk is messy, however, so I am not clinically OCD. But I DO like things to be a certain way, and I am fussy about organization. I can also concentrate on repetitive things (as you might have gathered from my listening to the same song over and over).

This freakish ability has translated well into my writing. I can line edit for a good period of time, not to mention being able to sustain interest in a world, an idea, and characters long enough to write and edit a book with them. Just another example of how certain behaviors that are frowned upon in the “normal” world are a boon for a writer. Other behaviors include talking to yourself, making up stories, and staring at a computer all day.

What about you guys? What personality quirks have actually come in handy for your writing?


  1. The write stuff...oh! I get it! ;-)

    I'm like you, when I fall in love with a song, I will play it over and over, and make sure it's on my current playlist--then get impatient for it to come up and skip ahead to it.

    I'm not sure if that helps with my writing, but there must be something about it that helps.

  2. New project? New project? Don't you already have two new projects? Whyfore are you starting over?

  3. Mary: So glad you do that too! I can't be the only one. At least, that's what I tell myself.

    Joe: Long and sordid story short, neither of those were ready to be written, and I kept pushing for it. So I backed off, got married, did some packing, and now I am begining to ever so gently brainstorm.

  4. You have until January 1, 2011 to write and revise a first draft. Then you will send it to me and any other beta readers of your choosing.