Monday, April 12, 2010


Having some troubles with motivation lately. I have lots to do with my own writing, but I just don’t feel like doing it. I know, Bad Writer! No chocolate!

It’s not for lack of enthusiasm, it’s because I feel overwhelmed. Oh well!

Thought I would share some funny demotivational posters with you, in interest of not taking myself too seriously. I think these posters are hilarious, and hopefully you will too. I am not sure if I am allowed to post them, so I will err on the side of not getting sued, and just direct you to the site. I particulary like "Determination", "Writer's Block", and "Horror".

101 Reasons to Stop Writing

Also, regular readers, feel free to check out my blogfest scene I posted yesterday and comment. Your thoughts on what worked and what didn’t is welcome.


  1. Nein! There is no demotivation. You will be motivated, and you will write! Look at your overwhelming pile of things to do and pick one thing from it that has an achievable goal (so no starting a new WIP, this is something that needs to be finished, not started). Pick it up and push everything else away. It is now dead to you until this thing is finished.

    When you're done with that one, repeat this process until your overwhelming list of things to do is no longer overwhelming.

    No excuses. No arguing. Get to work. You have a book to write.

  2. Yes sir! Thank you so much for that swift kick in the rear. I think I shall fall back on my list making proclivities, and order them from most to least finished.

    The German "Nein" was especially effective. I shall also be informing every other project that they are dead me.

    *scurries off to divide and conquer*

  3. Aww I think everyone should continue to write if it makes them happy. That website is so negative. Poo on them.

  4. Well, if you need someone to shout at you in German... ;-)

  5. @Aubrie: I know it's negative, and yes, POO on them. I just think it's funny in an ironic sort of way.

    @Lena: For some reason the German is more strict, I think. ;)