Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lies, All Lies I Tell You!

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Yesterday the lovely Mia gave me the Soulmate award! That means she thinks I get her, which is awesome, because I think she gets me too.

This award was made up by Christi, over at her awesome blog Torch in the Tempest (don’t you just love her blog artwork? I want to know who that character is!). One of the “rules” is to link back to her blog, so here it is:

The next “rule” is to give it to five people who you think “get” you, and make up something about them. Hehe, this is going to be fun:

1. Lena Lothanas at:
Lena Lothanas is a pseudonym for Tamora Pierce, a bestselling author. Lena decided she wanted to give back to the writing community by creating an alter ego of an aspiring writer, and blogging about it, in order to offer writers advice and support. She is currently living the high life on a tropical island somewhere, and donates tons of money to charity.

2. Joseph Selby at:
a.k.a Joseph Reynolds. He is the secret last member of the crew of Serenity, a Firefly class spaceship. He is Malcolm Reynold’s, the ship’s captain, younger brother. While Malcolm is outwardly annoyed by his younger brother, Joseph has saved their bacon more times that Malcolm would like to admit with his quick thinking. Joseph’s stories also keep the crew members from killing each other when they are far out in deep space.
(Joseph: You’re not a Gary Stu if SOMEONE else inserts you into a beloved series ;) )
(If none of you have watched Firefly, go watch it on Hulu right now. Better yet, BUY the entire series. It’s short, because FOX network is a *insert profanity here* and canceled the show)

3. Michael Emeritz at:
Michael Emeritz is a detective during the day, solving film noir-esque crime. He starting writing because his daily work situations seem like they would be better served in a detective novel between smuggling rings, mafia overlords, and getting Mrs. Gruder’s cat out of the tree for the umpteenth time. Normally the fire department handles that sort of thing, but they got sick of it, so Detective Emeritz gallantly stepped up. Detective Emeritz is really an elf from a land called Zinch, and struggles to keep this a secret from his loved ones.

4. Livia Blackburn:
Livia is part of an elite team of scientists who were hand picked to work on Handel’s Project, so named after Handel’s Messiah. Handel’s Project aim is to properly sequence how memories are stored in the brain, so they can reproduce and store these memories elsewhere. This exciting new technology will allow people with cognitive diseases to remember who they are, create a living record of people who are deceased, and help people finally remember where the heck they put their keys.

5. Roxy:
Roxy is really an elf, who married Legolas Greenleaf, famous member of the Fellowship of the Ring. They invite me over occasionally, where I try not to oogle her husband. BUT Legolas has a brother, so there’s hope for me yet. They decided to come to (or up, depending on how much of the Silmarillion you’ve read) Earth after that whole one ring thing happened, because the memories where too painful. Some evil overlords just spoil it for everyone.

Okay guys, there you have it. Remember, the truth will set you free.


  1. The artwork of the young man is Wojciech Zwolinksi. His link is in my sidebar along with two comic artists I work with and another writer friend of mine under 'partners in crime.' He's my unofficial little brother. He's got a master's in photography and graphics and gives me my pics for free. He's in Poland and did the cover art for Melissa De La Cruz's vampire series, the Polish versions.

    The artI insert in my blog posts are mine that I make myself. Except the awards I receive (granted, I made Soulmate myself with my own art).

    And I'm loving that people love the award. One thing, though. It should link back to the post and the winners should comment on the Soulmate post so I see how far it goes. I wasn't trying to get people to look at my blog, just let me see how far the little bugger goes in the world.

    Thanks, Elizabeth!

  2. LOL! I loved those stories, thank you for taking part!!

    Number 2 means I must do all I can to interact with Joseph ---> his brother is awesome, if a little grumpy sometimes :P I hate that they cancelled Firefly too, although equally I love that Josh Whedon managed to get a film commissioned after FOX gave them the boot. Go Serenity!

    Number 5 - !! Legolas has a brother and nobody told me?!

  3. @ Christi: Sorry about that. I shall edit that mistake post haste and make my comment.
    Thanks for telling me about the artwork!

    @Mia: Yes, we must all interact with Joseph as much as we can. And no one knows Legolas has a brother because I am keeping him a secret. ;) But maybe I can introduce you.

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I found your blog by way of Michael's and wanted to say hello. Congrats on the SoulMate award -- definitely the most fun, creative award making its way around the blogosphere right now. You list was fun to read!

    Have a wonderful afternoon :)

  5. Thanks for commenting Nicole! Hope you stick around!