Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Non Sequiter Girl Strikes Again

It's time for some more spam that reads like strange poetry!

The new season again come
No matter you are tide males or beauties
or ordinary people
Choose came in!
And with beautiful shoe tide packets

Make a new you! Begin from here!

Recently everyone bought full 200 dollar in their company
And then had the present to see off
Vietnam, which buys delivers are more

Service is our lift
This place must be very helpful to you!

Quality is our dignity

Once again I am having a hard time picking out a favorite line. Is it "no matter you are tide males or beauties"? Perhaps the last, another coup de grace to your senses, "quality is our dignity"?

Or "begin from here!" which should be an uplifting slogan, but then you say it out loud and it sounds like one of those eerie word plays that Stephan King is so very fond of.

What about you? Any recent run ins with some awesome spam? 

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