Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Hyper Post

I am posting today because I am super hyper! I just got back from my OB's office wherein I drank a super sugary orange flavored drink in about two minutes! This is a real test, and not conducted for my doctor's amusement! They took my blood an hour later to see how my body is processing sugar, to make sure I haven't developed gestational diabetes.

I will get the results in two weeks, but as far as I can tell, my body is processing sugar JUST FINE. Me and the baby are both bouncing off the walls.


*throws glittery sparkles everywhere*

(If I had a way, I would add those glittery, seizure-inducing blinkies you see on MySpace profiles right here. But I do not, so just image the most glittery thing you can.)

Another reason behind my great joy is I am listening to the new Florence and the Machine CD Ceremonials and it's AMAZING. Her first CD Lungs was simply wonderful. I've listened to the entire CD over and over, and it's haunting and beautiful and innovative. So when she announced her newest CD I was excited but a little bit nervous. There's times where an artist puts out a CD or book and it's wonderful, and you wait for the second one only to feel a little disappointed. 

But ladies and germs, Ceremonials is not disappointing in the least. She somehow managed to keep the same sounds that I loved in Lungs but also progressing forward with her music.

This may sound like a paltry reason to some for me to be happyhappyhappy, but you underestimate how much I love music and Florence and the Machine specificly. Music is a book to sound as far as I am concerned and it plays a huge role in my writing. The Ghosts Between Us, a book about a medium trying to stop the ghost of a serial killer I wrote a few months ago, would not be the same if it wasn't for Lungs. It's weird to think about, but sometimes finding the right ambient music can make or break a scene for me (I would go into a long explanation about how I think music is one of the primary ways my subconscious communicates ideas to me, but this post is rambling ENOUGH).

Speaking of my writing, Zombie Road Trip is still coming slowly, but I am pushing through the suck. You guys were great and wonderfully helpful on Tuesday, and I feel like there's hope for me after all. :D

About the writing...I *might* be using this post to procrastinate working on my I guess it's time to get back to work, huh? Yeah, I think so too.

*searches the Internet for pointless timewasters*

What? I thought we agreed I was procrastinating?

Okay, you're right. I am getting back to work now. 

So time to chime in! How's the day going? Have you had any happy surprises this week?


  1. Get back to work.

    BTW, it sounds like they haven't changed that glucose tolerance test in 20 years. Kind of like uncarbonated Orange Crush, only sweeter, right?

  2. Oh, man I remember the glucose test. Hope you've calmed down since this post. ;) did you write? I hope so.

    My writing is going steady. I'm supposed to be working on it now, but...

    I DID get a surprise yesterday. One of my short stories is going to be published in Apollo's Lyre in March! Woot! Not paid, but hey, I still feel like its progress. And I really liked this story so I'm glad someone else did too.

  3. Linda: Yes. I had a choice between orange and red. I figured orange was the safer bet. It was just like an uncarbonated orange soda with a slight after taste.

    Charity: Woo hoo! Congrats on the short story. Pay would be nice, but yeah. Sometimes it's good just to get some validation, right? I did write and calm down after that post. I ate a bunch of peanut butter to try and stave off a sugar crash.

  4. I am WITH YOU. Florence and the Machine... Just. Amazing. Can't stop listening to their new album--and I still play Lungs allllll the time, too.

  5. Sara: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you know how awesome she is! I am telling everyone about the new album and am mostly met with blank stares. :D