Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Baby and the Bump

Guys, I think there's something growing inside me. 

If it looks like I am tired, that's because I am.

It's pretty much impossible now for random strangers to not know I am pregnant (not entirely true. There's about two dresses I have that just...compress the belly so it just looks like I am really chunky). This week was my 20th week, which is the half way point (tomorrow is the start of my 21st week). It feels weird that I've been pregnant for five months now. It definitely looks like I've shoved a beach ball down my shirt. 

The baby!

Connor Nathanial is 11oz, right on target for growth. He's already sucking his thumb, and while I've felt him flutter around in there for some time, his kicks are starting to have some oomph behind them. Which is adorable when I am sitting here typing, but not so much when I am trying to fall asleep and he is literally kicking my bladder (The baby has a vendetta against my bladder for some reason. He enjoys kicking, laying, and rolling on my bladder as though it was his own personal trampoline. I wish I was exaggerating.)

This last ultrasound was to check the anatomy of the baby. They looked at his heart, kidneys, umbilical cord, spine, arms, legs, head, etc. They also check the level of amniotic fluid and the thickness of my placenta (which can indicate if I am going to carry to term). Everything was normal and fine. It's not a definitive test, but they said if there was something abnormally wrong they would see it. So yay! for piece of mind!

The only "bad" thing was I somehow lost three pounds. When I went from 111 pounds to 108, they started talking to me about making sure I each lots of protein (also, remember I am five foot nothing. I gained between 11 and 8 pounds which doesn't sound like much, but feels HUGE to me). Now, I already feel like I eat nonstop. I'm being really good about eating lots of veggies, and fruits, and grains, and even protein, but I guess it's time to amp it up a bit. So now I get to sneak cheese, eggs, and meat into my meals more often. Some of my kind friends have suggested bacon wrapped in bacon, and I have to agree: that's a lovely source of protein. 

So far I feel great. I am sleeping fitfully, but I still manage to get enough most nights. The only major issue I've had is I've pulled a muscle at work (which I thought was a blood clot and went to the emergency room for chest pain), and a week later I threw my back out. That wasn't pretty. I woke up at 4 in the morning with excruciating back pain and couldn't get comfortable or sleep. Every time I tried to eat or take Tylenol, I threw it up. This last week I've been off of work, resting, so when I go back to work tomorrow I will try to take it extra easy.

The difficult thing is I am a massage therapist. We pretty much use our bodies during the massage. At school we're taught how to use our center of gravity (which is at your hips and pelvis) to provide the pressure we're giving (that's why if you sit on the couch and rub someone's shoulders for five minutes you're exhausted, but I can stand for an hour and be fine). But, the baby has completely thrown off my center of gravity and as a bonus, my ligaments are doing their werewolf impression and stretching really easy. 

So yeah. This pregnancy thing is interesting. It's really weird to think that there's actually a little person inside me. Like...inside me. I don't know how to explain it. It's surreal at times. And other times, I can't wait to have the baby so I can hold him and squeeze him and dress him in cute little baby clothes. Yeah, the hormones are pretty much in full swing, can't you tell?

So there you have it: the bump and the baby causing it.



  1. DUDE.


    When you said you were showing "a little bit" I thought that meant... a little bit.

    That is not me calling you big, by the way. Just that holy crap, THERE'S SOMETHING LIVING IN THERE.

    I also second (third? fourth?) the bacon wrapped bacon idea. Bacooon.....

  2. Awe, you're so cute! And just wait until the end. You think your balance is off now...

    *sigh* sometimes I miss it and then realize that if you're pregnant that means you're going to have a baby and enter that 3-4 years of no sleep again. Yeah, not going there again. Now I have teens and have re-entered the no sleep phase.

  3. Either a baby or an alien... ;-)

    Lots of protein, and also some fat - you want the baby to have ample supplies for myelination (however it is spelled - the neurons need it. In fact, human breast milk has lots of cholesterol for that.)

    Bladder kicks still beat rib kicks. I had a grand total of one - just enough for me to have sympathy for people with rib kickers.

    Bacon-wrapped bacon would, of course, be wonderful, as long as you have no hormonally induced aversions to it.

    And lucky you showing at 20 weeks. It is much nicer than waiting until 6 months like I did. (And it was really closer to 7 before I didn't get the double-take look, when people weren't quite sure.)

    Charity is right - motherhood is nature's great sleep deprivation experiment. But I did get sleep before 3 years! Can't remember now, though - it was the hazy past.

    And teens aren't a problem - you just have to use enough duct tape and they won't go anywhere... ;-)

  4. Liz: It's okay, I am not self conscious about my belly. It's still sketchy from the front, but from the side there's no mistaking the bump. :D

    Charity: Yeah, that has to be the single most thing I am NOT looking forward to. Because I like me some sleep.Maybe I will get lucky and the baby will sleep through the night. Yeah right. As if.

    Linda: Here's to hoping it's a baby! And we'll see about the bacon. So far, so good.