Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spread the Love

There's some great charity auctions going on right now. It's a win-win situation for you, because you donate money, receive some truly awesome things in the process, and you get to help out those in need.

So, here's a link to Joe Selby's post pulling most of the current charities together. Go look. You can win a critique and phone call from Kristen Nelson, among many other awesome things. 

Also, here is another link for Crits for Water. It's still running, you guys, and there's some awesome crits left, like from Sara Megibow.

And finally, Rachelle Gardner had a guest blogger that really spoke to me today. Marcus Brotherton talks about how you define your success. It's really easy during revision to loose sight of your goal, or forget what that goal is all together. For me, I don't want my goal to be "finish revision so I can get this puppy published". That's sort of putting the cart before the horse to me, and also, not why I am writing. 

I write because I love it. Plain and simple. I love telling stories. I want to be published because I want more people to read my stories. Sure, I would like the validation of having an agent fall in love with my book, and readers sending me nice emails about the characters, but I've been writing for years without those things.

Instead of feeling pressured and rushed to finished revision, like I have been, I should be remembering my real goal: revise the book so it matches with what I want it to be. Everything else will come with time. I just have to be patient and focus on what matters the most right now. Revising the book.

Soon enough it will be time for queries and agents, but that's not this day. This day I focus wholly on the book and making it as good as I can.

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