Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebration! Warning: This Post Contains My Feet

Thank you everyone for the congratulations on finishing my rough draft. Also, thank you everyone who encouraged me to celebrate, despite my slightly off kilter enthusiasm. If there's one thing I can do well, it's celebrate.

In an effort not to let you down, I made sure to celebrate my very hardest. It mostly involved spending money, as the best celebrations often do. Here then, is a list of the things I did to celebrate:

1. Got a Massage

I am a massage therapist, so this isn't quite as decadent as you guys are thinking. The massage was free, since I trade out with my co-workers. But has been about six months since I made the time to get worked on, so it was a nice change.

2. Bought a Book

I already ordered some books a few weeks ago, so instead of just ordering more, I decided to order a comic compilation of Order of the Stick that I have been drooling over for a while. The added benefit is this book is a limited print run, so it's not like I can just order it any time.

3. Pedicure!

The Feet!
Lookit my feet! Lookit how pretty!

I love getting pedicures, but I never go. I feel like it's a waste of money because I can paint my own toenails. Also, I have a huge horde of nail polish (another fringe benefit from working at a spa) so I try to rotate through those. But my mom wanted to have lunch with me (Chinese Food!) and suggested we get pedicures. I was so there.

I apologize to those of you grossed out by feet. I tried to warn you. I know some people really don't like even the thought of feet, much less a picture of someone's feet, but in my defense I did just get a pedicure. They are extremely clean. 

Also, look at how pale I am! I don't tan AT ALL so I stay pasty white year round. 

4. Staples Shopping Spree!

I really just went in for ink and manila folders. I swear. My printer is screaming for mercy since I just printed off my rough draft and revision worksheets. 

But while I was there, I decided to browse...and wound up buying cork board (the roll to the far left), colored index cards, white index cards, Post-it notes, mechanical pencils, highlighters (buy one get one free!), tape, and those little legal pads. Aren't they cute? I am so excited about them.

I love office supplies. I mean, I LOVE them. Some women get really excited about buy new shoes, but not me. I get really happy when I get to buy index cards and highlighters. I don't know why; it's like I can feel the potential of the index cards. Think of the scenes I can write out on those index cards. Think of the words I can highlight. Think of the different colors that I can highlight in.

Let's ignore the fact that I already have about three packs of white index cards, and one pack of the colored ones. Clearly I was dangerously low. I might have run out.

So that's what I did. I celebrated the way a writer would, and did "Writer's Gone Wild" at Staples. Now I am armed with cute toenails and index cards and ready to face revision!


  1. LOL, I am also an avid lover of office supplies and order of the stick!

  2. Rena: Yay! Two of my favorite things!

  3. I love the way you celebrate! Staples, Chinese food, pedicures, books and a massage. SWEET.

  4. Thanks Liz! I tried my very best, just for you!