Friday, December 17, 2010

Entering the Bubble

I have entered the "I am in the middle of writing a book" bubble.

The real world feels slightly surreal because I have been living in WIP land for a while. It takes me longer to process what people are telling me. 

Normally while writing a book I turn into a hermit, and refrain from reading, interneting (yes I just made that verb up), and doing anything else with other words. It's not that I think it will kill the book mojo, it's just that I usually don't want to process other people's words while I am thinking of my own.

BUT! I have a blog and Internet friends to maintain. And sometimes it's good to come up for air.

So while I don't have a post fraught with witticisms for you today, I do have this lovely post by Janice Hardy. It's a little test to see if you're too nice to your characters. It made me laugh out loud. If you've never read her blog, I seriously recommend it.

How do you handle real life while you write? Do you sequester yourself into a dark cave? Or do you carry on business as usual?

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