Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tired Yet Content

I am still alive, and now I am moved into my new apartment. Huzzah!

My husband came home at five in the morning on Thanksgiving and we've been going non-stop to family dinners and to the store for all the little things you forget you need until you need them.

I literally have been running around every day this past week. I moved on Sunday, and then spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday unpacking and getting groceries. I have this thing about bare shelves. It makes me panicky, and I always feel like I am about to starve. Which is not true, of course, but my brain doesn't seem to comprehend. So I made sure to stock up food on Monday. Three hours in the grocery store the week of Thanksgiving=lots of cranky people.  Today is the first day I could really slow done and catch my breath, and I am about to go back to work.

In short, I am tired. Mentally and physically. It takes a lot to move a household, however small, and then we had two different family dinners to attend, plus going to the store for stuff. My writing has suffered as a consequence, but this is one of those instances where you really have to look at your priorities. And family time on Thanksgiving is one of the few things that trumps my writing time. I'm really lucky to have such a great husband and apartment, but I will be SO glad when our lives slow down to something like a routine. Tomorrow should kick our routine off, since my husband starts his new job. 

So I thought I would drop you all a line, and let you know that my blogging will now return to it's normal schedule as of this week. 

How was everyone's holiday? Did you all travel, or stay home?

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  1. My husband came home at five in the morning on Thanksgiving and we've been going non-stop

    I'm not sure if that's appropriate subject matter for the blog. :P

    Yay for new place and returning loved ones. I'm very happy for you. :D