Sunday, November 7, 2010

How's It Going?

Excellent, thanks for asking. But I really mean all of you. How are you doing? A lack of relabable Internet connection has prevented me from blogging or even surfing the Internet lately.

I hear all of you gasp in horror. I know, I know. It's been like living in the Stone Ages or something. I wondered if I rubbed two wires together, that the Internets would come back (btw, it didn't work). 

But never fear, they cannot keep me down! I will spread my cheer and love for writing and books even if I have to hold up a McDonald's just to use their WiFi. I feel sorry for my co-workers, since I've been talking to THEM about what I usually blog about. They are not amused by such conversations:

"Did you know that Nathan Bransford retired as an agent??? I know, the travesty!"

"Keeping your chapters around 2,000 words makes your pacing even."

"How do you balance your other priorities without letting your writing suffer?"

And so on. 

Meanwhile, the WIP is coming very slowly. I have to remind myself to be patient. I am used to writing much more quickly, but in an effect to avoid over planning, there are still lots of things I don't know about the book. It's a little like jumping into shark-infested waters with only a knife, but I am still alive so far.

In other awesome news, I will be moving in two weeks. My husband will be back from training, and we will have an apartment together. I am virtually bouncing with excitement. 

Yep, November's turning out to be a busy month.

What do you when there's other priorities that get in the way of your writing? How do you carve out the time? Threats or bribes?

How is everyone doing in NaNo land? It's still the first week, so spirits should still be high.


  1. Not nano-ing this year. Life happens, and basically, I'm not at the right place in story-work to Nano this year.

    Congrats on your upcoming reunion with your hubby! I can pictures you bouncing with excitement. That's a long time to be apart, especially so soon after getting married!

    Regarding chapters - I don't know if I entirely agree with any "rule" about it. I've read Dan Brown's books, and his chapters range from a few paragraphs (seriously) to much longer. And his pacing is fabulous. Shrug.

    I am having focus issues, because of health issues, and life issues. But I'm hoping to get a bunch of work done tomorrow morning while my son is at work. (I'll bring my laptop and sit at Burger King - no free wifi to distract me - and work on revising. Some of it will be major, but it needs to be done.)

    As for the shark infested waters, at least you HAVE a knife. Just your teeth would be a lot harder... :-)

  2. NaNo... don't even say NaNoWriMo to me. I'm already so far behind, and have little hope because now I have the flu. Ugh...

    Glad to see you again, though! :)


  3. Linda: I am attempting to NaNo this year, but it's been slow going. Good luck with your productive Burger King excursion.

    Tara: Hi! Sorry sweetie. I hope you feel better. Just remember, if you don't finish in November, there's always December! I will cheer you on if you need me to!