Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Update (with Squirrels)

I am alive!

Just very busy. I am not exaggerating; just about every day before work I do something wedding related, and spend most of my days off getting ready too. Last Sunday, on my day off, I went shopping with my mom, and it felt like we bought half the city. But we took care of a lot of stuff we needed (cake topper, toasting glasses, and other fiddly odds and ends), so everything is coming along nicely.

I haven’t even looked at the Internet most days except in passing, and forget blogging or reading blogs. I have a lot of catching up to do, sorry guys.

Mom gave me some more pictures of the squirrels she practically tamed in their backyard, so I shall use those to break up my text.

I keep telling myself I won’t be this busy forever, but I also know that after I come back from my wedding, I will be immediately involved with preparing to move.

Last night my fiancĂ©e got his final confirmation from the Federal Aviation Association that he starts training July 30th. Yep, you read that right. We’re getting married June 19th and a month later he leaves for Oklahoma City. I am going to move in with my parents during this time, because the money they give him to train at school is a joke, and we’re going to have to pay for his living expenses out there. He will be gone for about 4 months or so.

But the great news is that when he comes back, he’ll be working out of a large radar center a few towns over, and making good money doing something that he loves.

So yes, it’s going to be a busy, busy summer.

My writing, in the meantime, has screeched to a halt. I haven’t edited in a week, I haven’t even LOOKED at my book in a week. I goofed around on the Internet yesterday doing some preliminary research for my next novel, but mostly I haven’t had the mental capacity to write or edit.

Strangely enough, I don’t feel weird. Usually when I go this long without writing, I go through withdrawal, but I have been so busy I think it’s made up for that. I have WANTED to write, however. I look longingly at my computer and manuscript and give a little whimper. My muse is going crazy. He thinks I am on strike or something, because he’s frantically throwing book ideas at me.

I read a book yesterday, and it was a little disappointing. The beginning, middle, and end all felt like they were from different books, and the character development was uneven for the main character, and nonexistent for the rest of them. I could have cared less when they all started dying off like flies.

So yes…there you have it. I am alive and doing well.

How is everything else doing? I miss all of you guys. How are all of your summers going?

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  1. Sorry my book was so bad... ;-)

    I'm in research mode at the moment, and only just wrote a little thing on energy and the oil spill today for kicks. (Well, serious stuff, but you know what I mean.) I probably SHOULD edit but - delving into a darker side of human psychology is so intriguing...

    Summer is - cool and wetter than normal for here. Son is learning to drive - faint dead away, please. Going to an Eagle Court of Honor Saturday, but otherwise, nothing doing until a month after your wedding.

    Hopefully, your soon-to-be husband will enjoy his new career. I'll be interested to hear if they still rotate shifts like they used to when my dad was a controller.