Friday, May 14, 2010

Yay for Friday

Friday celebrations abound across the blogosphere! People are throwing parties and confetti! I saw it!

For me, it’s just another workday, or closer to a Thursday, since I work on Saturday. Also, today I have to go in early, and I have back to back clients. Which is really awesome, but also makes me want to cry, just a little. Saturday is shaping up to be busy too. Which, I repeat, is awesome, but makes me want to cry.

Yesterday I had a Eureka moment while I was in a massage. That’s one of the downsides of being a massage therapist. If I have a eureka moment I can’t just scribble something down and go back to work…I am a little busy.

Either way, it was good times.

Revision is progressing merrily along, since I am still riding the high of finishing the first slog. I am starting to get into what Holly calls Triage, where I am rooting out characters, conflicts, and Promises, which I will explain later.

I hope everyone has a great day. Anyone will awesome plans? How are the WIP coming along?


  1. This weekend I start packing for next month's move. I'm going to do the easy stuff first. Back the books. Pack the DVDs. Take some books to the library to donate.

    WIP is coming along okay. I'm at 25,000 words for THE SEVENTH SACRIFICE. I don't know, it feels kind of stretched out. It'll need a good going over once I'm done. Then again, I might be conflicted. I had planned on one of the main characters being dead by now, but I realized I hadn't established enough of either character or the setting for the death to be relevant. Now it feels like I'm dragging my heels. I don't know. We'll see.

    So what was your Eureka?

  2. Yay for eureka moments!! Don't cry, I'm sure you'll struggle through :~)

    My WiP is going slow but I did have a moment in the shower where a scene totally clicked together so it's not all bad. I hop your day goes ok!