Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Life Will NOT Be Like Star Trek

Also another hilarious website.

Life will NOT be like Star Trek

This is an article by the guy who wrote the “Dilbert” comic. I laughed the entire time I was reading this. I think the funniest thing about this article is it’s TRUE! That’s exactly how people would respond to those technologies!

This also provides a nice reminder to science fiction writers to remember to extrapolate with your new inventions. Don’t assume that people will use these inventions exactly as they are intended.

Have a happy Friday guys! Back to the revision trenches for me!


  1. Why else will the future not be like Star Trek? Because stars eat planets: Hubble pictures of planet eater

  2. This was hilarious! Thanks for the link :)

  3. Am I the only one frightened by the thought of a planet being DEVOURED?

    That star is making that planet into a tasty snack! Aieeeee!

  4. Haha, that was brilliant.

    That's exactly what I said six hundred years ago...

    I laughed all the way through that, thank you :)