Monday, January 3, 2011

I Am Hosting a Birthday Blogfest!

This is my twin brother and I on our birthday last year. That strange look on my face? Yeah, he's totally cutting the cake wrong.
Hello everyone!

Today is a great day! It’s my birthday, and in celebration I decided to host a blogfest! What would be more fitting on my birthday, than a birthday blogfest? Nothing, that's what. What's more, the blogfest is happening on the one year anniversary of my blog, January 25th!

So, without further ado, here’s the scoop:

1) Pick a scene, either something you’ve made up for this blogfest or something from a work in progress, showcasing a birthday. It doesn’t have to be your main character’s birthday, just a birthday in general.

Also, make something about this birthday is unusual. It could be that you’re showcasing the birthday customs of a fantasy culture, or a birthday during the zombie apocalypse, or even something relatively mundane, like the bakery messed up and made the frosting for your geriatric uncle's cake Pepto-Bismal pink. You could also write a memoir piece about the really crazy birthday traditions in your family. If it’s weird, or unique, or different, we want to hear about it. 

2) Sign up using Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page either before or on the date of the blogfest (January 25th) so everyone can read your wonderful entry.

3) Tell your followers that you're doing a blogfest! Generate some excitement for your writing! Link back to me so they join in the fun too!

4) Post your entry on the day of the blogfest, January 25th. Read the other entries, and let's have a party! *throws confetti*

Special thanks go to Andrew Rosenberg and his wonderful post, How to Host a Writer's Blogfest for making sure I didn't mess this blogfest-hosting thing up. He's got a great blog, so you should check him out.

Also, please forgive the "In "other" words" statement on Mr. Linky. It's not his fault he's labeled wrong. Apparently I don't know how to operate simple instructions, and I can't seem to make it say "Birthday Blogfest".

I present to you...Mr. Linky! Huzzah!


  1. Huh? Wha? I thought I heard my name in the blogsphere :).

    BTW I've been updating my list...there's another "birthday" themed blogfest on the 21st...maybe you two could combine?

  2. Hahahah! Happy birthday! I totally get like that when people cut cake wrong too. I have a special technique, you see.


    I am so in.

  3. @ Andrew: You sir, are quick! I was about to thank you for a wonderful post and here you are! Do you have spies or something? ;)

    @Mia: YAAAAAY MIA! I was so hoping you would join!

  4. Hm... the only birthday I have written you have read already - and no way I can reasonably jazz it up. Though zombies in the alternate US I wrote about might be interesting...

    And I have less than a week to do anything that basically involves my right shoulder for a bit. Not sure how long after I have surgery before I'll be up to writing/typing. I already know I shouldn't do anything heavy, even laundry, for at least a couple weeks. (Gosh, darn it; I'll have to make the guys do it all!)

    But happy birthday! May your cake have a pleasant lack of zombies, blood dripping out when you cut it and other fun things.

  5. @ Linda: Don't worry about the blogfest--worry about getting better! I am glad to hear your surgery went okay.

    @Lena: Yaaaay Lena!

  6. Well, it's actually next week. But I'm sure it will be okay! :-) Looking forward to having it behind me!