Monday, July 23, 2012

How Much Sleep Do You Get?

 I'm curious about the amount of sleep people get and feel rested. 

I know "they" change their minds every few years about how much sleep you need and whether or not sleep deprivation will kill you (maybe, eventually). I've heard a wide range of people talk about the amount of sleep they get, and it all seems to vary.

My brother can sleep for 6 hours and be ready to conquer the day. My twin brother can sleep for 8 hours and still be tired. 

Time of night you went to sleep and when you woke up also seems to be a huge factor, at least for me personally. I can go to sleep at 11, wake up at 8 and feel awesome. Going to bed at 10, and getting up at 7 leaves me feeling more tired. I am not a morning person, in any sense of the word, and from high school until right now I've worked jobs that required me to be there late at night, and thus, sleep in.

Now that the baby is getting up for the day around 8, it's a huge adjustment. 

So despite the baby sleeping better through the night, I still feel tired. Not as soul-crushing-I-am-going-to-die tired, but still more tired than I did before the baby. Even if I go to bed early, and sleep for ten hours until the baby gets up, I still feel tired. It's extremely annoying. I know part of it is, again, I'm not used to getting up at 8 (or earlier if that's when the baby decides he's up for the day), but I still feel like I should be feeling more rested by now.

I know I have a huge sleep debt to make up, and I am busybusybusy during the day, so that doesn't help...

So I was wondering: how much sleep do you get? How well rested do you feel? Does time of day affect you at all?


  1. I try to sleep eight hours each night--rephrase, I try to be in bed eight hours each night (I wake up a lot during the night). But I do usually feel rested in the morning. For the record, my kids are older, 12 and 14, so they don't affect my sleep pattern anymore.

    Getting enough rest is tough for most people, I think. We all have so much to do, and with a little one who needs's extra tough.

  2. I prefer eight hours of sleep, but I've been living on a lean diet of seven hours for a long time now.

    When my daughter was younger, it was less sleep. Now she sleeps more, but I feel like I have to do more because she's asleep. The guilt keeps me up. Feeling rested? I can't really recall when I've truly woken up feeling rested.

  3. You're doing well for the baby getting up at 8... it doesn't feel like long ago my 3-year-old got up at 5 or 6. It was like "OK, what will we play that won't wake Mummy up?"

    I still get up at that time, though. During term time, it's to get my stepson ready as he has special needs. He can sleep in during the summer, but I'm getting up early to write/edit as I just don't get time to concentrate during the day. And I go to sleep at midnight. I know it's not enough... but I'm coping, honest! (Said with wild, staring eyes).

  4. Guys, I think he somehow read this post, because the last few mornings he's been up at 6 or 7. O_0

    Barbara: Sleep seems to be an area most people, with or without kids, fall back on. If you're busy and have things to do, sleep is the first thing to go.

    Rena: OMG the guilt! Every time he goes to sleep I think "what can I get done?" In the morning though, I am just too tired. The housework can wait.

    Nick: Yeah, I keep telling myself it could be earlier. MUCH earlier. Wow...midnight. I would be so dead on that little sleep. I am barely coping with my robust 7 or 8 hours as it is. I consider writing when he gets up that early, but I am just too tired. I usually wake up a little bit more before I can write.