Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Philosophical Quandary

Debate with me, if you will, a philosophical quandary:

You're laying in bed and have finally gotten comfortable. We're talking sinking-into-the-sheets comfortable. Angels-are-singing-a-chorus-of-bliss comfortable.

Then you get a horrible itch between your shoulder blades. It feels like spiders are hatching under your skin it itches so badly. Shrugging your shoulders doesn't help.

Do you scratch the itch and destroy your perfect comfy bliss, or lay there and hope it goes away? If you choose to lay there, how long do you wait until you decide it's not going away on it's own?  


  1. This is why you keep a back scratcher within arm's length so that you don't have to lose such bliss.

  2. You call until hubby comes to scratch it for you. If he's not home, pinch your arm really hard and you'll forget about the itch?

  3. Joe: Great idea! I'll have to go get one...

    Charity: that is also a great idea. Sadly, I tried to forget about the itch but it just got worse.

  4. I lay there until I either fall asleep or until I Can. Not. STAND. IT. Anymore.