Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day 2012

The minute Connor and I arrived at my parent's house, he was scooped out of the car seat into Pop pop's waiting arms. My parents then played their favorite new game: pass the baby around. Seriously, this kid spends all his time being held when he's around them.

 The shirt Nana bought for him. Isn't it cute?

 Connor was staring at something past Nana's shoulder. Turned out to be a pink flamingo. We won't tell Daddy, will we? :D

 Pop pop watching NASCAR with his grandson. Funny story. Before we knew the baby was a boy my parents were looking at baby stuff and saw a tiny baby Cars recliner. My dad said it was too early to buy baby stuff, especially since they didn't know if it was a boy or girl, so they didn't pick it up. We told Dad a girl could just as easily enjoy NASCAR with her Pop pop, but by the time they went back to buy it, it was gone. Lesson learned. I am sure we can find something similar when the baby is old enough to, you know, hold his head up at least.

Speaking of sitting up, Connor really enjoys being vertical. We propped him up against the chair and some pillows and he was a happy baby. We're looking into those baby wedges because he also seems to have some acid reflux going on.

Our neighbors, getting in on the "Pass the Baby" game. Another funny story. They have ten kids, and no grandkids yet. They are bitter. They both have brothers and sisters with about a kid apiece, and each one has a grandchild. They have ten kids, and yet, no grandchildren yet (before you get indignant, the oldest is 29, so it's not like they expect their 20 year old to go out and give them some grandbabies).

The food! The delicious food!

And now it's time to go home. Mommy is tired. Connor slept great since he was being held all afternoon. 

Once again, you guys can feel free to photo shop yourselves into the photos. It could be like you were there as well! We had a slightly tamer Saint Patrick's Day this year, but considering how tired I am, I was okay with that.

How did you guys enjoy your Saint Patrick's Day?


  1. He is very handsome. Looks like a wonderful day. I hunted for leprechauns and found none.

  2. Thanks!

    Sorry about the lack of leprechauns on your Saint Patrick's Day. Maybe next year will yield better results? :D

  3. We didn't do much for it. The guys went to a casual gamers meet-up at a loud place, and I stayed home. I had thought a friend was coming over, but she got involved writing a paper (she is going back for her master's degree) for school, and wanted to keep the momentum going, understandably.